how do you cure athletes foot when it spreads to your hands?

athlete's footAthletes Foot on Hands?

I recently noticed i have athletes foot on my hands, i know because i have had it in the past, and i was just wondering if your supposed to treat it differently because its on your hands? please help me…

If your athletes foot has spread to your hands it’s because the fungus which causes it and ringworm and jock itch is very similar and spreads easily.

Athletes foot has been around – and been cured – with natural and home remedies for centuries before products were available to buy in stores.

Athletes Foot Home Remedies

You can soak your feet (or hands) for 10 minutes, once or twice a day, in a solution of one part vinegar to three or four parts water.

Be aware when you get dressed that the fungus can easily spread from your feet to your groin, causing jock itch, too.

There are many anti-fungals besides “store-bought” creams that work well for athletes foot and jock itch – and are easily available, many of them common kitchen products.

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Interesting Facts

  • A fungal infection of the lungs, medically referred to as blastomyces dermatitidis, is often misdiagnosed at onset.
  • Onion extract is sometimes used as a homeopathic remedy for athletes foot.
  • A negative test after a person has been treated for a fungal infection means that the therapy has been successful.
  • Covering up your nail with nail polish and fake nails is not the proper treatment for toe nail fungus.
  • Soak your feet in this cinnamon and water mixture to get rid of athletes foot.
  • Laser nail fungus treatment will destroy the fungal infection and should be relatively painless because the nail is dead cells.

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  • Did you know urine can cure athletes foot? Excuse me, I’m going to pee on my foot.