What Is the Best Home Treatment For Athlete’s Foot Until I Can Arrange To See A Doctor?

Choosing The Best Athlete’s Foot Treatment

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What I have done after a membership to the YMCA and I get it: use soap and water and wash feet twice a day, after the feet have soaked to soften dead skin clean the excess dry skin from underneath toe nails and on edges around the toe nail, scrub again, use a pumice stone for calices, use your nails to scrape dead skin as well, than with toes together pour hydrogen peroxide liberally over nails, toes and feet, let them soak, dry throughly between toes, insert a small amount of tissue between toes by folding tissue in a row and weave it in and out of the toes allowing the spaces to remain dry.

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Always use a clean towel for washing and drying, use a brush to scrub feet of dry skin, soak feet good to remove dead skin. Use an over the counter fungal spray if you have money. I also regularly soak the feet with selsum blue or head and shoulders shampoo, use on croch area too, for fungas in warm season scrub whole body with the shampoo while doing the hair. Put on a clean pair of cotton socks twice a day. Wash sock with a little bleach if problem persists, get new shoes if shoes are contaminated. Spray the inside of the shoes with the fungas spray for feet. Use thongs at the YMCA or club. Wash hands good and use hydrogen peroxide on your finger nails to dissolve dead skin scraped with them. When ever using bleach for cleaning towels use one part bleach to 10 parts water, mold etc…. do not touch bleach with bare skin, rinse competely if you do. Do not use bleach on skin.

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