Foot Fungus Pictures

Foot Fungus Pictures

fungal infection - foot fungusComparing foot fungus pictures with your own foot symptoms can help you determine if you already have foot fungus in you feet by the common physicality.
. Foot fungus is best known as athlete’s foot as it is the foot fungus attacking the nails and the skin and usually found between the toes or at the bottom of the feet.  If it is not treated immediately, the fungus may spread and infect the nails which results to onychomycosis: a toenail fungus that brittles the toenail and eventually distort its shape and be removed from the skin.

The thought of it, is just disgusting. The foul odor of the fungus may even attest to its detectability found in the feet. In the foot fungus picture shown, it can be seen that the nail turns yellowish and sometimes it turns brownish in color. It slowly crumbles on the edges and eventually the entire nail will thicken.

athletes foot - foot fungusPitted Keratolysis is another skin condition that affects the feet at its soles. This is caused by some bacterial infection which can sometimes lead to complicated infections and later on fungus may also join in attacking the feet’s health. Same as onychomycosis, pitted keratolysis also gives off an unpleasant odor. Rubber boots or vinyl shoes or any unventilated footwear may result to pitted keratolysis of the feet or as shown in the foot fungus picture on the right.

The most common fungal infection is the athlete’s foot. This is how it looks like when the fungus has started to attack the base of the feet. It may start on the sole and possibly go up the toes and nails and merely stay there if the infected doesn’t seek medical attention immediately.

Causes of Foot Fungus

Athlete’s Foot  as shown in the foot fungus picture is caused by a fungus called Tinea; the former is also sometimes referred to as tinea pedis. Tinea is also known as the ringworm fungus that most people are familiar with. A fungal infection is one of the most difficult diseases to cure because the curing period takes time. It is not just an ordinary specie that could be killed in a second. The fungus is a living microorganism that makes it difficult to remove because it is living within the body.

fungal infection - foot fungus

Its nature as a harmful agent to health may cause the feet to appear distorted and later on the toenails.

Fungal infections may not just be on the feet, sometimes it may be on the hands, arms, scalp, trunk or any part of the body that is not always kept in a good personal hygiene. What to do with foot fungus? What is the treatment for foot fungus? How to prevent foot fungus? Treat foot fungus now!

Foot Fungus Treatment

athletes foot - foot fungusSpecially Formulated for Athlete’s Foot & Nail Fungus Complete Super Pack
ll Stop athletes foot Fungal pack includes deep penetrating natural creams, gels and medicated washes that kills athletes foot fungus fast, completely (99.999%), and prevents re-infection also. PuraCleenRx Disinfectant Spray kills (99.999%) athletes foot fungus and mold in showers, bathroom floors, lockers, shoes, boots to avoid athletes foot fungus re-infecting you. Get rid of Athlete’s Foot once and for all! Treat foot fungus now!

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More Important Facts

  • The best treatment for any kind of infectious disease such as itchy feet basically lies in maintaining ones personal hygiene.
  • The main cause of athletes foot is mold however it may be caused by yeast.
  • A variety of antifungal drugs, drug preparations and drug combinations are available to treat newborn infants with suspected or confirmed invasive fungal infection.
  • Nail fungus or toenail fungus is also called onychomycosis, which is usually brown or yellow in color and over the time causes the nail to degenerate and even causes pain. So, the earlier you get treatment for toenail fungus, the better.
  • As a matter of maintaining personal hygiene, one must wear cotton socks but must change socks regularly as it prevents one from suffering from sweaty itchy feet.
  • Treatment of pododermatitis not only helps heal those inflamed, itchy feet, but it also manages those annoying underlying allergies.
  • A clinical evaluation cannot definitively tell the doctor which microorganism is causing a fungal infection.
  • Fungal infection reduced the expression of resistance to the key public health insecticides permethrin and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane.
  • If you do not remove the dead skin the athletes foot will definitely come back because the dead skin is what houses the fungus.
  • There have been many claims about the effectiveness of a tea tree nail fungus treatment.
  • Doctors likely will collect joint fluid to test it for fungal infection.
  • While anyone can get a serious lung or systemic fungal infection, most affected people will only experience mild to moderate flu-like symptoms.
  • The invasive fungus, Basidiobolus ranarum, is typically found in the soil, decaying organic matter and the gastrointestinal tracts of fish, reptiles, amphibians, and bats.


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  • Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection that often affects the skin between the toes. However, athlete’s foot is not limited to those individuals who participate.


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