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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are tiny, flightless, parasitic insects that feed on human blood while they sleep. The bugs, no bigger than an apple seed, can live and breed in any and all human environments, usually undetected. Bed Bugs travel from infested places by hitchhiking on human belongings such as furniture, luggage, clothing, and mattresses. Their eggs, covered with a sticky substance that acts as cement, are about the size of the period at the end of this sentence, and an adult female can lay about 200 to 500 eggs in her lifetime. They bite their prey to feed on blood usually a few hours before dawn while humans are sound asleep. In some instances they can bite a person up to 500 times in a single night, leaving painful bumps that remain itchy for days, even weeks, after.

Bed Bugs are a very serious menace to humans because if not handled right an infestation can become unmanageable proportions in a matter of weeks. To Kill Bed Bugs effectively, a number of pest control measures must be taken to ensure their demise. It is not as simple as spraying an insecticide down, and the bugs will go away. Bed Bugs are very tough adversaries, some strains have even been found to be resistant to the now illegal pesticide DDT. To properly end your Bed Bug nightmare, you need a complete Bed Bug Management Regimen, offered exclusively by All Stop™ for Q-Based Healthcare.

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