Can I Have Carpal Tunnel Surgery During Pregnancy?


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Question About Carpal Tunnel Surgery

Hi all! I have terrible carpal tunnel while pregnant. I’m 35 weeks pregnant and have been suffering from sever carpal tunnel for the past 2.5 weeks. can you have surgery for carpal tunnel while pregnant? I was beginning to get it prior to my pregnancy but it has gotten significantly worse since, carpal tunnel surgery and baby . My hands are numb all day everyday without doing any strenuous activity. It is at it’s worst when I go to bed. I am forced to sleep on my back only and I have been wearing the braces. The pain begins at the tips of my fingers and shoots all the way up my arms! I can’t shake the numbness away and it keeps me awake for the majority of the night. If lucky I MIGHT get 3-4 hours of inconsistent broken sleep. I’m exhausted throughout the day and am concerned it may cause permanent nerve damage if I just stick it out for the next 5 weeks. (Hoping it goes away after delivery.)

Experience on Carpal Tunnel Surgery

My mother has had the carpal tunnel surgery and I assume because it already existed prior to pregnancy, the carpal tunnel surgery is inevitable for me too =(. I’m also concerned because research says if you don’t get enough rest/sleep you are more likely to have a longer unpleasant delivery. I have an OB appt. in a few days but was wondering if anyone else had the same issue?! I wasn’t sure if the carpal tunnel surgery was even an option during pregnancy.

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Do Not Get Carpal Tunnel Surgery During Pregnancy

No, absolutely do not get carpal tunnel surgery during pregnancy. Chances are, it will dramatically reduce once baby is born; I have severe carpal tunnel going on now in my left hand and up my arm carpal tunnel treatmentbut I’m just dealing with it. Carpal Tunnel Surgery isn’t an option at your point in the pregnancy. No one is going to operate on you at 35 weeks.

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