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My sister just had a baby 4 months ago and is now suffering from Carpal Tunnel – anybody know home remedies?

carpal tunnelSuffering from Carpal Tunnel

She is suffering pretty badly – there is a constant sharp pain, her hand and wrist are very weak – she has even dropped a peice of paper before and is scared she may drop her baby. She is a single mother and has no one around to help her during the day with her baby and thus is in desperate need of some relief – does anyone have any suggestions?

Dealing with Carpal Tunnel

Ibuprofen or Tylenol. Plus, get some wrist braces, this will keep the wrists straight and help prevent irritation to those nerves.

My friend had Carpal Tunnel after she had her baby and it needs a carpal tunnel pain relief that works fast. Her Carpal Tunnel eventually went away with time.

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Best Carpal Tunnel Pain Relief

Temporarily relieves minor aches and pains associated with arthritis, simple backache, strains and sprains. Safe and Gentle!

carpal tunnel treatment - carpal tunnel syndromeFast-acting All Stop TriRelief is effective whether you suffer from pains associated with Osteoarthritis, muscle pains, joint pains, Arthritis, Carpal Tunnel or pains from accidents or injuries. The dual stage pain relief treatment can give you up to 100% pain relief within minutes of the first application. It works up to 10 times faster than oral meds because it is applied directly to the source of the pain.

TriRelief has a cooling sensation, so you can literally feel it working, and lasts up to 5 times longer than other pain products without any of the side effects. It doesn’t contain strong odors or make your skin hot and red and completely absorbs into the skin without a greasy feel – it is socially undetectable.

Wrist pain “Flexor Tenosynovitis”?

Question by Phil S: Wrist pain “Flexor Tenosynovitis”?
I have played guitar for years and apparently was slowly injuring my left (fretting hand) wrist. Two months ago I felt a sharp pain while bending a note. I quit playing immediatly but the wrist got more sore in the next few days. I got a referral for physical therapy and went twice a week for almost 2 months. I eventually got to see an othopedic hand specialist who said i have Flexor Tenosynovitis. Ive been on prescription anti-inflamitories (diclofenac sodium), cortisone treatment via phono phoresis, a liniment with capisin and an anti-inflmamitory, a wrist brace and lots of ice, but very little improvement. I still cant hold a glass of water left handed without pain. Playing the guitar is out of he question.
The orthopedic doctor said in last week’s follow up visit that he thinks my ulner nerve is part of the equation, so now i am sleeping in a long-arm splint.
Does anyone have any advice? should i ask for MRI or anything else?

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Answer by Ljoy
A second opinion may be helpful.

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Mueller Wrist Brace W/splint, Black, One Size

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  • Removable splint immobilizes wrist in natural position
  • Relieves pain and helps prevent re-injury
  • Adjustable wrist tabs and wraparound strap gives perfect fit and direct compression around the wrist
  • Lightweight materials provide comfort

Ideal for carpal tunnel syndrome and weak or injured wrists.

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Factoids on This Topic

  • Carpal tunnel surgery is highly effective and requires only small incisions on the wrist or palm.
  • Compared to trigger thumb surgery, painful scars are more likely to occur after trigger finger surgery.
  • Signs of carpal tunnel syndrome include pain, numbness and tingling in the hands.
  • Exercising is most useful when combined with other forms of carpal tunnel syndrome treatment as determined by a medical professional.
  • Pay attention to the early warning signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • If a surgeon exercises appropriate care in the performance of carpal tunnel surgery a cutting of the median nerve should never occur.
  • A Laser carpal tunnel Surgery procedure is a low level laser therapy that has been utilized in the field of medicine for several medical treatments.
  • A method of the median nerve gliding can be done as with regular carpal tunnel exercises.
  • If it turns out that trigger finger surgery is the only way to alleviate your discomfort and give you back full use of your hands and fingers, that’s what our doctors will recommend. If you really do need this surgery, you can trust our doctors to help get you through it.
  • Numbness, pain, or tingling in the thumb or palm of the hand, deterioration of the muscle under the thumb, weakness in grip, pain extending to the elbow and weakness in one or both hands can all be signs of carpal tunnel syndrome.

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