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Some home remedies for dry eczema…?

i am 30 yrs and suffering from dry eczema for 5 yrs. . i have been taking medications, but i would like to have some home remedies for this, so that i dont get itching.. Can anybody suggest me some of the home remedies?

I got hand eczema about 6 years ago and I tried the conventional approach first because it scared me to have eczema on my hands since I was a massage therapist. After using the steroidal creams and ointments for a while, my hands started to bleach out! That’s when I started to look for natural eczema remedies, especially since the prescribed dosages started getting stronger and stronger because my body was growing immune to it!! UGH! 🙁

The doctors will tell you that there isn’t a cure, but I couldn’t accept that. I became a student of holistic health and spent the last 3-4 years learning and researching. What I had found out was that eczema is actually a symptom of other issues that are going on inside the body. (In fact, all skin conditions are visual signs of an acidic/unbalanced body!) So to heal eczema, you have to address those underlying issues. — Nothing you put on topically will heal it! — it may take it away for a while or aid in relief but it will come back again and again.

Anyway, I did a few things that has helped me out tremendously and I’m happy to report that I’ve been eczema free for a couple of years now!! In fact, I found an ebook that outlines all the simple basic steps that worked for a few people I know — It’s natural, safe and very effective!

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Facts About This Topic

  • Potential eczema remedies, such as Phototherapy, expose the patient to ultraviolet (UV) light for a controlled amount of time and may be used to treat moderate to severe atopic dermatitis and contact dermatitis.
  • Contact dermatitis treatment consists primarily of identifying what’s causing the irritation and then avoiding it.
  • Baby Eczema can be controlled but not cured.
  • Eczema remedies, such as dietary supplements, have provided much relief to sufferers.
  • As for adults, discoid eczema seems to be connected with stress, local irritation as well as consumption of large amounts of alcohol.
  • Food allergies often make eczema symptoms worse in children but not in adults.
  • Some people make dietary changes to help lessen eczema symptoms.
  • Another one of the eczema symptoms you might notice would be certain areas of the skin that have been inflamed for a while will become thicker then usual.
  • Other items that need to be considered when finding Eczema Symptoms are a patient’s family history (and other allergic related diseases in the family such as asthma or hay fever), lifestyle, dietary habits, tendency towards certain allergies (or any or all known allergies), prescription drugs the patient is currently taking and any chemicals or otherwise harmful materials that the patient is exposed to either in his/her home environment or place of work.
  • Comparing the skin to eczema pictures online can also help identify precisely the type of eczema.
  • To discover what condition your baby is experiencing, try browsing for baby eczema pictures on the Internet.

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Does anyone have any experience with protopic ointment for the treatment of eczema?

diskoid eczemaEczema Treatments

Our doctor has advised us a cream for eczema for my one year old child and I’m 22 and was prescribed that almost 2 years ago. I DON’T USE IT. That eczema cream now carries a black box warning that it’s too strong, esp. for a baby. I went back to my doctor after I heard about the warning, and she prescribed Aclovate. I try not to use it and just stick to washing with Dove and moisturizinig with Cetaphil. Taking an antihistamine before I go to bed also helps so that I don’t scratch. That’s when I would do all the damage, in my sleep.

I would wake up in the morning with such raw skin. Also, to relieve broken raw skin and also just to relieve and moisturize, make a solution of half cold water and half fat free/skim milk. Use it as a splash or a cold compress. Helps esp after the shower while pores are still open. In dealing with eczema. Follow up with the Cetaphil. Good Luck!

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Factoids on This Topic

  • Eczema on hands, also called atopic dermatitis, is patches of inflamed, itchy skin.
  • Other eczema remedies come in herbal forms, including aloe vera, turmeric, chamomile, witch hazel, and rosemary.
  • The best natural treatment for eczema IN CHILDREN and adults is application of coconut oil.
  • Some eczema remedies reduce water loss, help rebuild the skin, and calm burning and itching.
  • Supplements such as borage oil, Chinese herbal medicine, evening primrose oil, flaxseed oil, probiotics, teas, vitamin B6, vitamin E, oral vitamin D3, nutmeg and zinc are all beneficial as a eczema remedies.
  • When discoid eczema is severe, UV light treatment is one option that you can consider.
  • The incidence of eczema in children is increasing in present times.
  • Although there is no definitive evidence, a few studies suggest that drinking black, green, or oolong tea may help relieve eczema symptoms.
  • Although eczema symptoms tend to subside as babies grow into children, people who had eczema as infants are at higher risk for other skin problems throughout life.
  • Discoid eczema often begins as a minor skin injury, so protecting your skin can help prevent and treat it.
  • Infants suffering from baby eczema should wear clothes made of natural, lightweight, and breathable fabric, such as cotton.

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  • Baby eczema is difficult to treat and in this book you will see several treatments that work together to make life easier for the baby, child and parents. Homeopathic remedies to cure the illness from inside are also suggested. Most child eczema pass within 1, 2 or 3 years, but why wait so long when you can try the methods in this book and find a cure within one or two weeks?
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  • Clinically shown to restore visibly healthier skin in 3 days. Relieves dry, itchy skin due to eczema. Fraghrance free and steroid free. Moisturizes to restore visibly healthy skin. …
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What Precisely Causes Eczema?

If you're trying to figure out what causes eczema, you're going to need to also know the various elements that could bring about this problem in a person. The thing I know for certain is that you are obviously going to want to get rid of your eczema if it's a dilemma for you, and the fastest way to do that is to figure out the cause so that you can eliminate it from your life. So let us try and find out the cause now so you can get working on the treatment that's perfect for you.


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