Head Lice

How is the Liceadex-EX Home and Bedding Spray used?

The All Stop Liceadex EX Home and Bedding Spray is an environmental, contact killer used to kill any head lice and nits that may be in the host’s environment such as clothing, beds, cars, combs, brushes, pillows, hats, coats and other personal belongings.

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Why are over-the-counter head lice treatments not working?

Doctors have used the same chemicals for years to treat head lice infestation. Health care professionals and entomologists reported as early as 1985 that head lice have become resistant to pediculicides.

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Does your products really take care of the head lice nits?

Our lice product is proven to be 98.5% successful at taking the head lice nits off of the hair shaft.

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