Head Lice

Can you stop head lice nits from hatching?

You cannot stop head lice nits from hatching, but with the All Stop Liceadex Lice Removal Gel you can kill the head lice nits and rinse them off of the hair shaft.

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How do I put the head lice mattress cover on the mattress?

The All Stop Mattress Cover should be opened fully. The bag only opens on one end. You should carefully slip your mattress only inside the bag, making sure that no holes are torn in the process. The box spring does not have to be encased because you are not sleeping directly on the box spring. Once the mattress is inside the cover, you should use tape of any kind to seal the mattress cover.

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What do head lice nits look like?

Head lice nits are unually yellow to white in color and are firmly attached to the hair shaft. They are usually located about half an inch up from the scalp.

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