Head Lice

Do I need to bag stuffed animals and other items in my house to keep them away from head lice?

It is not a necessity to bag stuffed animals or other items in your home when treating for head lice. This step would insure those items do not need to be treated over and over again, therefore making your lice treatment easier.

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How long do your head lice products take to work?

Our head lice treatment system is proven effective to kill head lice bugs and nits. Our treatment suggests that you leave the products in the hair for 20 minutes.

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Can you Liceadex Lice Removal Gel be used all over the body?

Our formulation on our All Stop Liceadex Lice Removal Gel is gentle enough to be used all over the body. It is used for not only head lice treatment but also body and public lice.

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