Head Lice

Do you have a product to put on the mattress to get rid of head lice?

Our All Stop Liceadex EX Home and Bedding Spray is made to be used on the mattress directly. It only needs to be lightly sprayed to kill any head lice buts or nits that may be on your bedding.

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Can I catch any other diseases from head lice?

Head lice are not known to be carriers of several different types of diseases. They are more of a nuisance than a medical threat. Read more…

How old do head lice have to be to lay eggs?

Once a head lice nymph becomes an adult head lice it will start laying eggs at a rate of about eight per day. The life cycle of head lice is approximately 21 days. During this time nits have to feed within 45 minutes aftter hatching to survive.

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