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Can I spray the Disinfectant Spray on my furniture for scabies?

How do you use PuracleenRx Disinfectant Spray?

You can spray the PuracleenRx Disinfectant Spray directly on your furniture to sanitize a scabies mite area. Remember nothing needs to be saturated, only lightly sprayed.

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Do I need to treat all of my furniture for scabies.

Should I treat my furniture for scabies mites?

In cases of scabies, your home has to be treated. Scabies will burrow in your furniture waiting for their next victim to infest.

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How do your products kill the scabies mites?

The effect of All Stop Mitactin Salve on scabies mites

The All Stop Mitactin Spray and Salve are made to penetrate the outer skeleton of the scabies mites.

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