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Can I use the scabies products in my hair?

Can I put your scabies products in my hair?

Yes, our scabies products can be used in your hair. We suggest the All Stop Mitactin Scabies Spray on the scalp.

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How is the Mitactin Spray used for scabies?

How do you use Mitactin Spray on Scabies?

On the first day only, lightly spray All Stop Mitactin Spray from neck down all over your body and rub it into the skin to kill scabies mites in the skin.

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Can scabies mites jump?

How do scabies mites move around?

Scabies mites are not known to jump or fly, but they can crawl. They are usually located in the borrows of the skin. On the skin surface they do crawl on the hair follicles.

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