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Can I get scabies in ears and eyes?

Is it possible for to get scabies in ears and eyes?

Yes, it is possible to get scabies in ears and eyes.  Normal scabies infestations are not known to go to the head. They are usually located from the neck down. Some heavy infestations of Norwegian or crusted scabies could travel into the head or face but it is very rare.

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Do your scabies products have to be used daily?

Is it ok to use your scabies products daily?

Our scabies products regimen is a daily regimen. It has to be completed daily for an effective scabies treatment. The All Stop Mitactin Spray is applied in the morning and the All Stop Mitactin Salve is applied at night.

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How is the Mitactin Spray used for scabies?

How do you use Mitactin Spray on Scabies?

On the first day only, lightly spray All Stop Mitactin Spray from neck down all over your body and rub it into the skin to kill scabies mites in the skin.

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