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How do your products kill the scabies eggs?

Will your products kill scabies eggs?

The scabies eggs are killed in the same fashion as the live mites. The All Stop Mitactin Spray is made to penetrate the egg membrane.

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Can I get scabies in ears and eyes?

Is it possible for to get scabies in ears and eyes?

Yes, it is possible to get scabies in ears and eyes.  Normal scabies infestations are not known to go to the head. They are usually located from the neck down. Some heavy infestations of Norwegian or crusted scabies could travel into the head or face but it is very rare.

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Do I need to treat my car for scabies?

Should my car be treated for scabies as well?

We spend a lot of time in the car sitting in one area. This is the perfect opportunity for scabies mites to burrow into the seat and infest another person.

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