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What happens if my pet licks the DE-Stroy Eco Dust for scabies?

About DE-Stroy Eco Dust for scabies

Our All Stop DE-Stroy Eco Dust is a food grade diatomaceous earth powder so therefore it would be completely safe for your pet to lick the scabies powder.

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How is the Mitactin Spray used for scabies?

How do you use Mitactin Spray on Scabies?

On the first day only, lightly spray All Stop Mitactin Spray from neck down all over your body and rub it into the skin to kill scabies mites in the skin.

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How long after using another treatment do I have to wait before using your scabies treatment?

About our scabies treatment products

Our scabies treatment system is completely non-toxic so it does not require you to wait any period of time before or between uses.

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