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My friend eats a “healthy diet”, but says she only eats about 20 gramms of fat per day. Is this dangerous?

Question by Dodgeson: My friend eats a “healthy diet”, but says she only eats about 20 gramms of fat per day. Is this dangerous?
She eats three meals that are highly nutritious in all other respects, but I worry that her fat intake is inadequate.
She has always been slim, but not anorexically boney or unhealthy-looking. She says that she has a medical condition that makes her body ‘hold’ fat easily. She does not look ill and she is not weak or tired because of it. Unless she is lying about the diet, I can’t understand how she isn’t weak or ill.
What could happen to her if she doesn’t change her diet? Degenerative conditions – scary. Maybe I can scare some common sense into her. 🙁

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Answer by cheerbabe
maybe you want to help your friend. Has she been getting skinnier?

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What You Need To Know About Bed Bug Hiding

To help you eliminate bed bugs, a number of actions need to be implemented including the place where bed bug hiding. Each and every one would be a help with the overall avoidance of the pesky pests. Nevertheless, each of these also has its own time of when it will need to be conducted in order to make the entire method actually powerful.

Discovering the pests is one of the first actions that you’ll want to carry out inside the whole “eliminate bed bugs ” process. Fully understand though that discovery is one of the conventional actions. That indicates that there are numerous other sub steps below it.

To recognize the locations where they could be hiding is one of those sub actions. Just like the significant measures, it demands to be successfully carried out as it enormously can affect the end result of the procedure. Particularly, it contributes greatly in preserving up some time as you probably understood where your elimination process will probably be directed.

Actually, it is not simply the edges of destinations as well as the beds which the said pests can invade. They’re able to survive on specific items as well as furnishings as well. Examples of these are couches, cabinets, platforms, seats, surfaces, bed linens and even shades.

But just how are you able to identify the locations or items that they’re infesting? Positive, you’ll be able to eliminate bed bugs by the symptoms that they hand out. However, you’ll be able to not merely hold out for those signs to appear.

As you might have recognized by now, the said bugs multiply quickly. A day of stalling can already increase their population. Therefore, aside from being just watchful of the signs of their infestation, you also should take the initiative to decide their hiding places to avoid the enhance of their number and injuries.

But what exactly is the move that you must take?
Essentially, the top that you’ll be able to do is to conduct a regular inspection on all of the achievable corners and items which the pests can infest. This way, you’ll have the ability to detect and eliminate them at an initial phase. And whilst doing the inspection, equip your self having a flashlight, a stick as well as other things that you believe will likely be of assist in producing it effective.

So to summarize, inspection will be the way to identify the places and items wherein the said bed bug hiding. With it, you’ll be able to detect and get rid of bed bugs early on saving your loved ones and your house home from the worst type of of the effects that they’ll bring.