Facts to Know about Ezcema Cream

Effects of Ezcema

Eczema can be a really troubling skin affliction, especially in modern society. The skin illness known as Eczema affects areas of skin to covered in noticeable rash-like patches. Outbreaks can be very mild or extremely severe in appearance. When an outbreak occurs, the key it to treat it fast with a cream for eczema and try to prevent more patches from appearing.

Eczema can be triggered by many factors, which include allergies, stress, and skin irritating environments. Currently, no cure is available as the origin of the disorder is not completely known. Although outside triggers can cause an outbreak, there are also times that outbreaks occur on their own. This skin illness is not contagious, so those with outbreaks should have no fear of spreading it to other people.

eczema treatmentWhile eczema can take on a rash-like appearance, it is not to be confused with one. Areas of dry, irritated, red, sore, scaly, puffy or raised skin is the first indication of an outbreak. Large or small areas of skin can be affected, and it is not uncommon to have an outbreak on the face and legs at the same time. Besides its physical appearance, symptoms also include minor pain, itching, and abraded skin. This can affect a person both physically and emotional as outbreaks also appear on the face and other highly visual areas of skin.

There are two main categories of treatment available; non steroid and steroid based cream for eczema. Steroid eczema creams contain an active ingredient called cortisone. This is a weak steroid, but it can give those with severe outbreaks major relief. Steroid creams are only available by prescription, so making an appointment with a dermatologist is first needed. The prescription is filled by a pharmacist who gives the user specific instructions for usage.

Non steroid eczema creams are readily available over the counter. Many different types by various manufacturers are on the market, so it is a good idea to consult with a pharmacist for tips on the best brands. People with milder symptoms would benefit the most from non steroid creams, although trying a few different brands is probably necessary.

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Most cream based treatments for eczema require multiple daily applications for optimum results. When using steroid based cream, there is a maximum dosage. There is also a point where the user must discontinue usage as long-term use of steroids can have negative effects.

The first benefit of eczema cream would be immediate pain and irritation relief. Over a few days, affected skin will have a better appearance as the healing process begins. Depending on the frequency and severity of outbreaks, some people will need to employ the use of both steroid and non steroid cream. Milder cases may only need to occasionally take use of non steroid eczema creams.

All eczema creams come with an expiration date. Be sure to keep supplies stored in the original containers, sealed tightly, and in a dark cool area. The best place to shop are at drug stores. Even if you are purchasing an over the counter item, check with the pharmacist for recommendations. When having an outbreak, try to avoid potentially skin irritating activities such as swimming and sunbathing. There are many theories on what causes eczema break outs, so steer clear of triggers and keep a good stock of cream for eczema on hand.