Review : ProEcza Eczema Cream

Here’s another great success story sent in by a now faithful customer about our ProEcza Eczema Cream.

Patty B. wrote in, “I’ve been wanting to write this for years.  I had a horrible bout of ezcema several years ago, though I didn’t know what it was at the time.  I just suffered with it.  While in Florida, I had another bout.  I looked up the symptoms up on the internet and found out it was ezcema.  It was a sad time for me because I missed taking my daughter to Disney World for the first time (she was just in her Princess years).  My hands and face were itching and swollen so badly that I couldn’t go.  The heat in Florida didn’t help.  So I found this website and found out that ezcema was a bacteria.  Did not know that.  My husband was skeptical, but I ordered the products anyway.  I CAN NOT tell you how wonderful they are.  The problem that had been with me for a week or so, (even though I missed the park) was actually gone in a few days.  Since, I have used the program with my daughter when she has even a slight skin problem, and I have shared it with friends too.  And today, I woke up with similar problems that I had in Florida.  A rash on my hands and my jaw.  I have been using the system all day, and already, my skin is less bumpy and less itchy!  I actually placed another order for the kit that includes the spary.  I can not thank you enough….  I was hurting sooooo much before… hands were peeling and itching so badly, I thought I’d lose my mind.  That time, and anoher time with my daughger and then again today, your product has made a HUGE difference.  Thank you so much for a great product!!  If anyone is out there looking for relief from ezcema, either you, somone in your family or your child……..don’t think you’re taking a chance on this, just buy it!  It works!

I hope to get back to Florida so see Disney again with my daughter…….Thanks again, SOOOO much”

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