Is Scabies Contagious?

Dealing with Scabies

I’m a customer service representative and my job duties are to consult customers everyday about their skin ailments, including but not limited to scabies, skin parasites, etc..,

When I first started here at Q-Based Healthcare, for some reason, the word- “SCABIES”  scared me.   I didn’t know what it was, but it sure sounded really like a horrible disease that is very contagious. Come to find out, it’s not a disease at all, but rather a skin condition that is caused by microscopic mites.lindane lotion - scabies lotion - scabies symptoms

is very contagious! Their main hosts are humans, they cannot survive for a very long time without a host. Scabies are microscopic mites that burrow into the human body causing a pimple like irritation that appears in tracks or zigzags. Scabies Mites tend to stay in creases of your body such as wrist, between fingers, fold of your elbows, fold of your knees, waist line, around the buttock, under breast, etc..,-that’s probably because the mites are like other insects that are attracted to heat, come to think about it-those creases- that’s the warmest place on our body. All of these scabies victims are looking for a scabies lotion that will work for them.

Signs of Scabies

I have customers, that I have spoken to on a daily basis, who have no clue what scabies is. I don’t blame them. Some even stated that when they go to the Doctor or Dermatologist, they diagnosed their condition by just looking at it, and they did not even attempt to do any form of skin test. How professional can that be? Some customers said that their Doctor seem to be disgusted with their symptoms and try to get them out of their office as soon as they can, by prescribing the most common TOXIC treatments that are well known, such as Permethrin Cream, Lindane, Elimite which all of these prescriptions are just forms of pesticides. Just imagine, putting pesticides that are formulated for “Pests” in general on your body. We all know they are harmful to your body and not just that, but any young kids or the elderly can really get sick from them. What I am trying to suggest is, ” Before you take or use anything, make sure you know the side effects and risks of using it” Are you willing to take that chance? You deserve non-toxic lotion for scabies.

Scabies Treatment

I do understand that when you are being bitten alive by these little creatures that you CANNOT SEE, it must be horrible. I never have scabies, but where I reside, we do have mosquito problems around the Summer/Spring and Fall and to be bitten by these mosquitoes just drive me nuts. Before you make that attempt to even try those TOXIC treatments like Permethrin Cream or Elimite try looking for a solution that is NON-TOXIC, effective scabies lotion for yourself and your love ones. I am not trying to sell the products, but because it’s effective and not harmful to your health, I would recommend the All Stop Scabies Treatment to everyone.  Good Luck!