Skin Parasite Home Remedies

There are many products or healing receipts on the internet for treating parasites in the skin; however there is no cure. Many of these remedies only relieve the skin symptoms. Some people are told they have with scabies, body lice or even diagnosed with delusional parasitosis by doctors. This disease produces REAL symptoms that its sufferers are plagued by. A Morgellons cure is needed; however the CDC has been slow to respond.


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There are many skin parasite home remedies for parasites in humans which are literally concoctions made by people who suffer with this relentless skin parasite disease commonly called morgellons; many find relief from many home remedy products. I would like to share some of these house hold remedies created by these morgellons sufferers with the hopes that this can help someone else.

Morgellons Home Remedy: The water makes up about 3/4 of the total volume. Add 3 or 4 teaspoons into a small spray bottle of tea tree oil, peppermint oil, anise oil, ready to use hospital grade disinfectant and water. Spray the mixture anyplace you feel activity on your scalp, neck, feet but before taking a bath. This removes many of the fibers from the skin. Then add a couple capfull of the oils listed into your bath water. If you can, soak in the tub for about a half hour. Some suffers claim that this has been effective to drastically reduce the itching.

Skin Parasite Home Remedy: Sulfodene Dog Shampoo – There are No pesticides. This is sometimes used as a body wash and shampoo to get relief. It also known to help with flaky skin, or with damaged skin. This product includes sulfar and coal tar. You can find this in most discount stores.

Morgellons Home Remedy: 10% Ointment and 10% Sulfur Soap – Most local pharmacies can order the products or you can order this online. The Mexican Brand is the cheapest and can be found in the Hispanic Grocery stores. Pomade de Azufre. Good stuff, cheapest at WALMARTor the Hispanic Grocery store.

Skin Parasite Home Remedy: Borax can be used as an alternative: You can use it for washing your clothes, and many people have had better luck with this than anything. Turn your water heater to a VERY high temp. It’s concentrated and it takes the place of laundry detergent.

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