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Scabies in Humans

Scabies is a contagious skin mite that effects many different races and social groups of people. It is a common misconception that you must be dirty to get scabies. When in fact; anyone, any gender, any race or age can catch scabies.

There are two ways to treat for scabies. These is a non-toxic over the counter treatment for scabies and a toxic scabies cream which requires a prescription. Toxic scabies treatments may be very harmful if not deadly especially for children and adults with lowered immune systems. Learn more about our non-toxic scabies treatment.

Effective Scabies Lotion Treatment

Scabies is caused by a mite that finds a burrow under the skin, lays eggs and starts a colony. The contagious condition quickly spreads through contact. Affected individuals and those they infect can treat scabies with a lotion for Scabies that kill the mite. Topical lotions are the most common formula in the prescriptions approved by the Food and Drug Administration for scabies. Rules in different countries about what is permitted may vary.

Scabies has no relation to lice, although for both common medication in different concentrations might be prescribed. First time infections produce symptoms that take time to surface; although the infected person is contagious. Prior exposure produces visible symptoms more quickly. The proclivity for scabies to spreads easily, leads cautious doctors to recommend treatment for all close contacts, even in the absence of any visible symptoms. An indication that you may have scabies is if other members of your family or other close contacts are experiencing symptoms. Scabies is most common within the family and close contacts of affected individuals. Failure to sufficiently treat contacts and lack of proper treatment protracts the problem. The development of resistance by scabies mites can also occur to cause protraction of the problem.

Scabies can be a marker for patients with compromised immune systems. The greater the mites, the greater the contagiousness. Small bites or lesions resembling pimples are symptoms, as is a subtle rash. Severe and persistent itching is another sign. The Crusted variety is the worst form.

The persistence of symptoms may be due to a reaction to the prescription, but is more frequently caused by an inadequate application of the treating agent and the inadequate treatment of contact cases, both in the family and in the community. Patients are best off if they treat Scabies with an effective lotion for Scabies applied properly. An antihistamine may be used to control the itching, and skin infections can be treated with antibiotics. Ointment applied to the area. Steroid creams, antihistamines, and, in severe cases, steroid pills can be used to relieve the itching after consulting with a doctor. Patients should be mindful that a medicine may cause some unwanted side effects. If they occur the doctor should be informed as soon as possible.

Find out about the benefits and advantages of using a soothing lotion for scabies.

Think Swine Flu(H1N1) is Blowing over? Think again.

According to a report found on CNN yesterday, the CDC (centers for disease control), though most of the anxiety and fear stemming from Swine flu has subsided, Swine Flu HAS NOT. As indicative of recent records, swine flu is still on the rise, and is likely to cause more deaths and illnesses in the United States. The current death toll is at 8, and the confirmed cases are sky-rocketing. There are reportedly unusual numbers of outbreaks in schools.

‘”We do think that the way the virus is spreading in the U.S., we are not out of the woods, and the disease is continuing,” said Dr. Anne Schuchat, interim deputy director for science and public health program at the CDC in a news conference this week.’

Over 5,123 cases of H1N1 (swine flu) have been reported, and is suspected to be rising even as you read this.

On a slightly lighter note, though not saying it’s not serious, 30 patients who were hospitalized in California yesterday with H1N1 flu had other underlying medical conditions such as chronic heart and lung disease, suppressed immune systems, diabetes, and obesity – and none of them died. As with most virus’s out there, the better your overall health and immune system is, the less likely you are to contract many illnesses. Some of the symptoms the aforementioned patients portrayed were that of fevers, coughs, vomiting and shortness of breath according to the CDC. 5 of the patients were pregnant, and unfortunately, two of the fetuses did not survive. 4 of the patients were admitted into intensive care that needed mechanical ventilation for support.

For more on the specifics on CDC’s reports on patients recently, you can find more from CDC’s site or CNN health’s news reports.

Again, stay healthy and keep your surroundings clean and as germ free as possible. And again, the virus CANNOT be contracted from eating cooked pork.