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Everything to Know About Scabies

Dealing with Scabies

ScabiesIf you have noticed tiny, elevated, red bumps on your skin that itch like crazy, you are probably dealing with a skin problem that is caused by mites. Most people know this problem as the “itch”. These are the things you need to know about scabies.


The bites of mites normally appear as small red pimples on the skin. The itching is most common at night. When the person begins to scratch, the tiny mite begins to burrow farther along just under the surface of the skin. The itching is actually caused by an allergic reaction to the feces of the mite on the skin.

Impetigo or cellulitis are often a result of the scratching most people cannot resist doing. Impetigo is when one of the tiny red spots are scratched until it becomes infected. The person can infect other spots on his body by scratching the infected place, and then touching another part of the body. Cellulitis causes swelling, fever and redness.

When a person has never had scabies before, the scabies symptoms usually show up four to six weeks after he becomes infested. People who have had it before will present scabies symptoms within two to four days. Some people may actually have scabies for several years before they are aware of it.

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More Information on Scabies

We’ve got the inside scoop on absolutely everything you need to know about scabies now in our Scabies Lotion and Scabies Cream overview.

When someone in the family has scabies, every necessary precaution must be taken in order to prevent the mites from spreading to other members of the household. Scabies is contagious. Scabies Mites can be spread by scratching and having them under the fingernails. They can also get on furniture, clothing, toilets and towels or anything else the infected person touches.

It does not take a large number of scabies mites to cause intense itching. The female mites are more likely to burrow under the skin than the males. The males will burrow on occasion, but they are most likely to run around on top of the skin.

Sulphur is a common scabies remedy to get rid of mites. Bar soap is made with sulphur. Be sure to find one that has a minimum of 6% sulphur. Doctors recommend that the person wash the entire body at least once a day with this soap. Do not use a towel to dry off with. Instead, dry the body with a hair dryer on low speed.

Ivermectin is a liquid remedy that can be taken internally. The first dose will eliminate all of the live mites. A second dose two weeks later will kill the newly hatched ones. Ivermectin may cause symptoms such as pain, myalgia, vomiting or nausea. They will go away once the treatment is finished.

Availability of Anti-Scabies Lotions

There are also anti-scabies lotions that are available. They have been proven to be very effective if they are used correctly. They can only be applied from the neck down to the bottom of the feet. Once the lotion is put on, it needs to stay on the skin for 24 hours before being washed off with soap and hot water.

Mites must be removed from the clothing of the infected person. Turn each piece wrong side out and wash with hot water and soap. Dry the clothing in a hot dryer or hang it outside in the direct sunshine. Once it is dry, iron each piece of clothing on both sides in order to eliminate any living mites.

Scabies is not a serious skin problem, but it is a very uncomfortable one. Because of the ease with which mites can be spread, it is very difficult to totally eliminate. In order to protect the other members of the family, consult with your doctor as soon as you suspect that you may have come in contact with mites.

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Skin Parasites in Humans

Skin Parasites – There are numerous forms of skin parasite that can cause suffering and illness in us, and most are well known and treatable. They take the form of miniscule insects – mites, fleas and ticks to name a few – and show up in various ways, causing a variety of skin problems that can be a source of serious suffering to the patient.

The Scabies Mite Among the most widely recorded instances of mites in humans are some that are thanks to the Scabies, or Itch, mite. This extremely small insect feeds on our blood and digs tiny tunnels in the skin where the female lays her egg lives. The insects are spread by physical contact, as they can not exist without a necessary host. The tunnelling of the mites brigns about very severe itching and pain, and leaves behind a tiny indication of a line where the mite has eaten under the skin.

More on the Scabies Mite – Inflammation of the skin is a result, and scratching by the patient is inevitable, and simply exaggerates the problem. Identifying scabies is quite easy – the discoloration of the skin and the terrible itching are ever present, but it might also be identified as other similar infections, and is thus very hard to diagnose correctly. One notable problem is that the irritation may not be felt until numerous weeks after the mites have moved in, leading to the problem being much advanced by the time it is diagnosed. Once spotted, however, scabies can be treated with a number of creams and lotions and other solutions, and is hardly difficult to kill very swiftly indeed.

Ticks – Ticks are different from mites in that they are seen above the skin, and feed on our blood by nibbling their way into the skin and anchoring themselves by way of very powerful protruding barbs. This is one trait of ticks that live on mammals and humans that sees them notably horrible; it also makes them famously difficult to remove without problem, and whether on a human or animal, it is not done to simply wrench a tick that is in the process of eating off the body. This move may to leave the barb section – the anchor – in the top layers of the skin and, in many cases, can mean surgery being necessary in order to prevent further problems. The right method of removing ticks is to smear them in butter or oil, or other fatty substances, which serves to suffocate the mite in a short time. The use of fats results in a relaxing of the creature’s grip, and it should thus be easier to remove. Ticks, especially those found in tropical locations, can be responsible for a number of very nasty fevers, and as such need to be treated with a degree of suspicion in all cases.

Morgellons Syndrome One of the more worrying afflictions associated with skin parasites is that known as Morgellons Syndrome, a recently reported condition that is as interesting as it is terrifying. Morgellons syndrome is a parasitic problem with a specific feature – there are no parasites frequency of the condition. However, it is accepted as not being an entirely original condition, just one that has been spread more widely in recent years. Treatment for Morgellons syndrome often follows that used for similar delusionary afflictions, and so far it has not been accepted by the medical profession as anything different toan inexplicable psychological.

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Scabies a highly contagious mite species

Scabies is not a term you hear discussed at the workplace or possibly at family gatherings but it is a very wide spread condition still present and causing problems for people.

Scabies is known as a highly contagious infection caused by a tiny microscopic mite. These mites are usually only about 0.3mm long and burrow into the skin of humans. The female mite burrows under the skin and lays several eggs.  Once the eggs hatch they come up from the skin and attach to the hair shaft for a few molts before growing into adult mites and starting the life cycle over again.

One serious symptom of scabies is intense itching. This itching is caused by an allergic reaction to the feces and saliva of the mites. Itching can still occur after all of the mites have been treated. The more times you have scabies the sooner you will start to feel the itching once you have picked up the mite. Itching increases at night with a scabies infestation and can also become worse during a hot shower.

Many people resort to any scabies treatment they can find, including toxic treatments such as Permethrin Cream and Elimite. These scabies lotions are extremely toxic to your body and contain toxic levels of pesticides. Before resorting to these toxic scabies treatment like Permethrin and Elimite try doing some research for non-toxic scabies lotions available.

Scabies Skin Pictures on Video


Scabies Information

Scabies is common among humans who live in overcrowded conditions or if good hygiene is limited.  However, you can be a very clean person and still catch scabies. Scabies is contagious and can be passed by close personal contact with an infected individual or by sharing objects such as sheets, towels or clothing with an infected person.

Scabies will usually burrow into warm folds in the skin. Some common locations of scabies on the body are between the fingers, wrists, armpits, elbows, nipples, genitalia areas, around the waist or the soles of the feet.

Larger infestations of scabies can be called crusted or Norwegian Scabies. This is condition is caused if there is a very large amount of mites on the body. Your normal case of scabies consists of no more than 15 mites on the body at one time. A case of crusted scabies will have thousands or millions of scabies mites on the skin. This is usually caused in people who suffer from a lowered immune system. An individual with a case of Norwegian Scabies does not scratch.  These cases are known to happen with people who live in institutions. This can also happen to people with a skin condition that lowers the amount of sensations on the skin such as syringomyelia or leprosy. Norwegian or crusted scabies will travel to the scalp of their victims while a normal infestation is not usually noticed above the neck.

Preventing Scabies

Preventing scabies can be difficult because it is so highly contagious. However good hygiene is the most important thing you can do. Washing sheets and bedding daily can help to eliminate problems with scabies. Also not sharing items of clothing, towels or bedding with others can also be helpful to prevent scabies from attacking you and your family.

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