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New Rehab Device Heals Shoulder Pain While Patient Sleeps

New Rehab Device Heals Shoulder Pain While Patient Sleeps

Dr. Michael Carroll, MD, Traverse City, MI, the inventor of ROTATORELIEVER


Las Vegas, NV (PRWEB) January 12, 2011

An innovative and remarkable device to heal shoulder pain while sleeping has been developed and introduced to the public by an M.D. who invented the product to cure his own rotator cuff pain.


When Dr. Michael Carroll, MD, Traverse City, MI, cured himself of shoulder pain he was so impressed with the results that he started a business and has made ROTATORELIEVER ™ ( available to anyone suffering from shoulder pain. Dr. Carroll will be presenting at the Parker National Chiropractics Conference at the Las Vegas Hilton, January 12-15 and will be displaying at Booth 1202.


An estimated 48 million Americans suffer from shoulder pain, 95 percent of which is located in the rotator cuff.


“Many of my patients feel better when they wake up after the first night sleeping with the ROTATORELIEVER™ brace in place,” says Dr. Carroll, Founder and President of Jointsmart, LLC. “Most feel much better within 10 days, and those who follow the 40-day prescribed program will be pain-free or I will return their money.” ROTATORELIEVER™ is available at $ 129.95 which includes the dynamic stabilization progressive weights, the night-time sleeping brace, an instructional DVD and a carrying case.


The treatment involves four minutes a day of exercise with progressively weighted balls and wearing the comfortable brace at night, on the side where the shoulder pain occurs. ROTATORELIEVER™ which was tested by a private, independent research study, has a patent pending and is awaiting approval by Medicare/Medicaid and major health insurance companies.


Symptoms of chronic shoulder pain include: a sudden change in range of motion; shoulder pain when sleeping; inability to grasp a seatbelt or hook a bra, painful to put on a coat or take off a shirt or blouse; painful to reach upper kitchen cupboards.


“In fact, I was treating an 87-year-old lady with shoulder pain who hired a carpenter to lower her kitchen cupboards,” says Dr. Carroll, “She agreed to use ROTATORELIEVER™ and three weeks into the program she cancelled her carpentry contract.”


Another patient who had great results from ROTATORELIEVER™ is Molly McConnell, a professional boxer. Molly not only used this exciting new product but passed it on to her 50-year-old trainer and 77-year-old father. Professional Boxer, Trainer and Grandma are all experiencing relief from shoulder pain. McConnell is the current #1 ranked contender in the world.


For many persons using ROTATORELIEVER™ the major benefit is that they can avoid medications and can cancel scheduled shoulder surgeries which are costly (typically $ 12,500) and require intensive rehab afterwards, and extensive time off work. For most people who suffer from rotator cuff pain, frozen shoulder or shoulder bursitis it’s enough to return to normal day to day activities.


About Dr. Michael Carroll

Dr. Michael Carroll, M.D., is Founder and President of Jointsmart, LLC, and in 2005 co-founded Creekside Clinic in Traverse City. After putting together a make-shift traction device for his own chronic shoulder pain, Dr. Carroll developed ROTATORELIEVER™ which subsequently eliminated his pain. Dr. Carroll has shared his positive research about ROTATORELIEVER™ in a presentation to the American College of Sports Medicine in Denver. Born in Michigan, Dr. Carroll earned a BS degree from University of Notre Dame and his M.D. from Wayne State University, Detroit.


Media Contact: For a product sample or to arrange an interview with Dr. Michael Carroll contact Scott Lorenz of Westwind Communications Medical Marketing at scottlorenz(at)westwindcos(dot)com or by phone at 734-667-2090.




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