Home remedy for allergic reaction?

I went to the salon yesterday and got my hair colored. Today I noticed a red patch on the side of my face that I’m assuming is an allergic reaction to the dye. I hadn’t noticed it all day because my hair is covering up the skin. It’s red and a little itchy, but there’s no swelling or hives, and I have no other symptoms. It’s Thanksgiving, so everyone’s closed. Anything to help the redness go away, or will it go away on its own? I’ve never had an allergic reaction to anything before. Thanks for any help. 🙂
I should also mention I’ve taken Darvocet <sp> and Ibuprofen <sp>.

I’d have to agree with the suggestion to take some Benadryl. It’s highly recommended by medical professionals, and is a very reliable and well-tolerated antihistamine. In fact, when my son had his first allergic reaction, I was told to keep it on hand so that I had it available to use at the first sign of an allergic reaction.

If your red patch is allergies, the Benadryl should help clear it up. If it’s a section of skin that has been “burned” by chemicals, then the Benadryl won’t help, but it won’t hurt you.