Q&A: What Can I do To Stop “Hives” From Itching?

Getting Rid of Hives

I just got Hives for the first time in my life on Monday. Its been on and off for the last few days but yesterday it was really bad. So we went to the doctor and he confirmed it was Hives and he gave me hives treatmenta bottle of pills called Prednisone. I toke 3 last night like he told me, 3 this morning, and 3 just now. I’m still covered in Hives. How long until this medicine kicks in, or wil it kick in at all? In the meantime, How can I get rid of this Itch!!

It should be working by now, don’t stop taking it, call a doctor if worse or just not getting better, Benadryl or diphenhydramine helps with histamine response/itching. But Prednisone is top of line for this, call doctor, ask if can take both and get what dose/frequency he wants you to take. Can get equate/generic brand at Walmart, 25mg caps/ maybe 100 for about $ 4.00. just in case. It makes you very sleepy, so no alcohol or driving. Aveeno oatmeal bath, cool moist cloths, wash hands so you don’t get an infection in addition to hives.

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Most Effective hives treatment

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  • If you think the hives is a reaction to something you touched or ingested, be sure to stay away from those things.
  • Chronic hives treatment involves identifying the exact cause of the condition.
  • The most common form of hives treatment is the use of either sedating or non-sedating antihistamines.

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