Jock Itch or Male Yeast Infection? Penis trouble? MRSA and Antibiotics? Antifungal treatments?

jock itchA problem on Jock Itch

I have a Jock Itch experience or penis itch. Alright, here is how my story goes, I’ve had MRSA twice in the last maybe 2 to 3 months,thigh and penis itching at night. It wasn’t bad enough for hospitalization so I was put on Clindamycin for 10 days both times.

As of the last 2 weeks, I’ve developed what I thought was male jock itch because of itching penis. Red burning itchy patchy oozing areas on thighs and under testicles. Let me tell you guys, this is hell… ITCHING AND BURNING and the ooze just makes for thinking you pee’d yourself a little about jock itch..

the jock itch Wasn’t getting any better so I bought Lamisil Spray for it about 5 days ago.
Been spraying once at night as directed, wearing really loose airy gym shorts, showering once a day not using harsh soap that would burn or irritate what little skin I had left there. Well it doesn’t look like its getting much better either.

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A week ago I’ve been having penis troubles as well.. jock itch on penis.. 🙁 I think I have jock itch. The base around my penis especially under where it rests on my balls is itchy and dry. Is this jock itch?
and my foreskin is TIGHT CRACKED AND HURTS! (been applying a lot of bacitracin to help with elasticity) I can barely pull it back to pee without wanting to kick the toilet!

There’s nothing on the head of my penis, nothing looks infected its just itchy scaly dry rough skin all around the rest of the penis.

I was wondering if this has to do with jock itch or is yeast infection. I know both are fungal but could the jock itch be a symptom of the yeast infection or vice versa? Also does this has anything to do with me taking such strong antibiotics lately for jock itch?How to treat Jock itch?

Unfortunately my GF also contracted mrsa from me within the time period and has been on Doxycyclin twice.. we’ve just been trying to take care of each other…it sucks.

Any Suggestion for Jock Itch Treatment?

Why does the skin around my penis itch? Does anyone know any remedies or OTC jock itch treatments i can look into? Please help share some knowledge on this topic about jock itch…as i am currently uninsured and the internet is quite scary at to make your crotch stop itching? 🙁

PS. We are both clean down there if you were wondering… plus.. she got her blood drawn like 6 times in the past couple months showing nothing but mrsa.

I have used the Allstop Jock Itch Treatment successfully several times.  They also supply you with step by step information on prevention that I sometimes forget about and get lazy.  The main thing is to keep your bathroom area disinfected using a hospital grade disinfectant.  They have a concentrated kind that is very cost effective.  Just saying.

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Jock itchAll Stop Medicated Skin Cream, formally called Sulfinex, is a specifically-designed, topical cream that provides quick relief from redness, pain, warmth, and swelling from damaged inflammed skin.  The redness, warmth, pain, and swelling are the results of repairing damage that was caused to the skin. If there were no inflammation, wounds would never heal, but if inflammations were to spread too far, a host of other diseases would ensue.

Interesting Facts

  • Jock itch in women is best prevented by using basic good hygiene.
  • Jock itch is a very bothersome skin ailment that can be very humiliating but it is often definitely not serious.
  • Jock itch usually stays around the creases in the upper thigh and does not involve the scrotum or penis.
  • In cases where the jock itch does erupt into blisters use warm compresses for comfort but avoid purposefully breaking them as that can lead to scarring.
  • Jock itch, athlete’s foot, and ringworm are all types of fungal skin infections known collectively as tinea.
  • Many people with jock itch also have athlete’s foot and these same creams can be applied to the feet.
  • When you develop jock itch you will be plagued with a red rash that produces intense itching.
  • A woman can develop jock itch with or without exposure to another person who has it, but sexual contact increases that possibility.
  • Jock itch is caused by organisms called dermatophytes, which include a group of fungi that normally infects the top layer of dead skin, nails, and hair.
  • Many catch jock itch in warm, moist public places like restrooms and locker rooms.
  • After showering and rinsing well, you will have to dry these areas thoroughly.
  • Jock itch, also called tinea cruris, is a fungal infection in the groin.