Can using hairspray prevent you from getting head lice?

My daughter starts kindergarten on Monday and I took her to the hair stylist yesterday. .

The hair stylist told me that Head Lice is a pretty big problem in schools, and that spraying hairspray in your kids’ hair every morning would prevent them from getting Head Lice. I have never heard of this before; does it really work and is it worth trying?


Yes, hairspray is an effective prevention method. When applied to the hair it simulates a dirty environment very well, making it hard for the lice to move around and attach their eggs.

I have found Tea Tree Oil to be the most effective prevention method.

Here are 4 different Head Lice prevention methods with Tea Tree Oil:

1. Mix 10 drops of Tea Tree oil in with your shampoo. This makes you totally invisible to the lice as they no longer regard you as human. As transferring to anything other than a human spells certain death, they are not even willing to take the chance. You can also buy Tea Tree shampoo already made but this is more expensive as tea tree oil can be picked up from your local health food store for around $6.

2. Whenever your child goes out to school or play put their hair up in a tight plait. Lice find it harder to get hold of hair that is well up and out of the way. When two children are together on the floor colouring and their hair is hanging together you can see how much easier it is for them to swing to each other. Mist the child’s hair with water in spray bottle and 10 drops of Tea Tree added. This will help to further repel them.

3. It is possible to repel them by simulating dirty hair as this makes it hard for the lice to move around or attach their eggs. Gel is one way to simulate a dirty environment without the hair actually being dirty. If your boy has a modern style and uses products then mix in a few drops of Tea Tree oil. This will be a double whammy as the lice will not think you are human as well as it being impossible for them to move around or attach their eggs.

4. You can also get leave in conditioner which will do the same trick again. Add 10 drops of Tea Tree Oil oil and spray this over a tight plait every day before school or play.

Need More Facts?

  • Retreatment of Head Lice usually is recommended because no approved pediculicide is completely ovicidal.
  • Head lice are frequently found in schools and day care centers, and are easily spread from person-to-person.
  • Lime juice as a home remedy is to use the first method.
  • Head lice screening programs have not been proven to have a significant effect on the incidence of Head Lice in the school setting over time and are not cost-effective.
  • Head lice can crawl relatively quickly, but they cannot fly, hop, or jump.
  • Head lice hold onto hair with hook-like claws found at the end of each of their six legs.
  • Because shower caps and plastic wraps act as an occlusive dressing, they should not be used in combination with pediculicides whose safety has not been demonstrated when used in this manner.
  • You can use vinegar to create your own natural Head Lice treatment.
  • Since lice can multiply fast, it’s a good idea to treat Head Lice quickly.
  • Choose a line of products that offers safe and effective lice removal, without the dangerous chemicals and harsh additives found in many lice removal products.
  • Getting Head Lice does not mean a person is dirty, but rather that they have been near someone with Head Lice.
  • The lice shampoos at your local pharmacy likely contain toxic chemicals that can be harmful to your child.
  • In order to stop the Head Lice life cycle, you have to make sure that your Head Lice treatment impacts all stages.

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