How Do I Get Rid Of Head Lice With Just Home Supplies?

Getting Rid Of Head Lice

head liceHi there i need a cure for Head Lice without going to the store or wasting money.SO,what can you use to get rid of Head Lice?and please tell me how..i already got them before i don’t want them now!!please help!

Hi Senrii (and others). I run a Head Lice removal/treatment service in the Los Angeles area. The one important ingredient you do not have in your home is a good lice/nit comb– something which is highly recommended. However, to answer specifically how to do it without any special materials, here’s how…

You can smother the adult lice with household materials. But you have to do this repeatedly. I would recommend doing a smothering treatment every 4 days for 2-3 weeks if you are not doing any combing.

More About Head Lice

The way it works is this– take sunflower oil, olive oil or coconut oil. If you do not have any of these, use whatever cooking oil you have. Thoroughly cover the hair in this oil. What happens is the oil covers the breathing holes of the lice and newts (juvenile lice). But it still takes hours for them to asphyxiate. You should cover the oiled hair and leave it for 6-8 hours (i.e. sleep with a shower cap). Then use the finest toothed comb you have and comb the head lice out before washing your hair.

Another household ingredient you can use is Cetaphil hand lotion. Cover the hair with the lotion and blow-dry it. This will have a similar smothering effect. And after 6-8 hours in your hair, comb it out with the finest comb you have.

DO NOT use mayonnaise, even though many people recommend it. The reason is that if it is effective (and I’m not sure it is), it will start to rot on your head if you leave it on long enough to actually work (blech!).

Vinegar can’t hurt, so long as you keep it out of your eyes. But at this point, vinegar treatments haven’t been shown to be effective in actual clinical trials.

The reason you have to do this repeatedly is that the nits (or eggs) are very hard to kill without serious poisons. If you do not have a good nit comb to remove them, then you are basically killing the adults, waiting for the remaining eggs to be born, then killing those as they are born. That is why it is important to repeat the smothering treatment every 4 days. The hatched bugs will reach sexual maturity in 7-10 days. So you want to smother them and get them out well before they have a chance to mate and lay more eggs.

Don’t forget to vacuum couches, rugs and car seats, and wash and dry bedsheets and clothing at the highest temperature they will tolerate.

We use the Allstop Lice Removal products; there are commercial and retail products.  You can buy them online also.

More Head Lice Resources

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Important Facts

  • Tea tree oil lice removal products are known for their familiarity with several saloons; people crowd several salons to get utmost relief from these head bugs.
  • The itching associated with Head Lice infestation is caused by an allergic reaction to the anticoagulant saliva of the head louse.
  • Shampooing alone may not be as effective, but if you follow it with lice combing, you may succeed in your Head Lice removal efforts.
  • Mass screening for live lice has not been proven to have a significant effect on the incidence of Head Lice in a school community over time.
  • Each louse is about the size of a sesame seed and can be hard to spot.
  • Head lice are tiny parasites that live on the human head.
  • Before providing a Head Lice cure, it is important that your child be examined to determine whether Head Lice are present.
  • Tea tree oil is the one that goes well with the procedure to eradicate lice from head.
  • It is important to note that a Head Lice cure will require more than one treatment.
  • Head lice are spread by direct contact with the hair of an infested person.
  • Head lice are most common in young children attending day care, preschool, or elementary school.

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