How long does it take for head lice to show up and start itching?

Problem On Head Lice

Head LiceOn Thanksgiving we had a possible exposure to head lice. Came home and scrubbed everyone and everything involved with head lice shampoo, etc. I want to make sure we don’t get head lice. How long does it take for head itching to start and how long does it take to start being able to see actual nits/head lice on my kids’ heads?

oh ya… been there… (I still have eebe jeebies)

Watch for about two weeks. You can see the nits (looks like white (can be brown)) stuck to the hair easier to see when hair is dry.
The adults (head lice) look like wingless flies, almost like aphids.
Check the crown and the base of the neck (we found ours mostly at the top of the head, under the most of the hair) I found these easier to see when combing hair when wet.

As far as itching – my kid didn’t itch – I saw them while combing the hair. When they are adults they move around causing itching.
The eggs hatch about a week or so (even after head lice treatment).
Good luck…

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Head Lice Treatment

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