Where can I buy treatment for head lice removal in the Philippines?

Head Lice Removal Products

head liceMy sister has head lice and we’re looking for a treatment for it. When I got head lice when I was younger we used to use this shampoo-like thing that came with a lice comb.

Is something like this available in stores like Mercury Drug (that’s the closest drug store to my school)?

Head Lice Home Remedies

I’ve heard about using mayonnaise. How long would it have to be left in and does it need to be done multiple times? And does it kill the nits too?

I have no idea about the Philippines, but yes, a drug store would be the right place.

Liceadex Head Lice Treatment & Nit Removal Gel 16 oz

Family Size – up to 4 people and 2 treatments each. Comparative shoppers know this is a great deal for an awesome product.

Liceadex One Step Lice & Nit Removal Gel is a special, one of a kind, natural formula that provides a safe effective way to kill lice and their eggs, without traditional and potentially harmful pesticide ingredients like permethrin or pyrethrum found in many over the counter solutions or expensive, multiple-step, essential oil-based solutions. Our formulation is one of the fastest-acting and most effective products you will find today.

  • Kills all lice and eggs naturally in minutes
  • Contains no pesticides
  • Allows for easy pain-free, tangle-free nit and debris removal
  • Rinses completely clean without oily residue
  • Can be used multiple times safely
  • Can be used safely after “other” treatments have been done

-Where can I buy treatment for head lice removal in the Philippines?-