Lice home remedies that actually KILL lice AND their eggs?

Suffering from Lice

Ive used shampoo and lice conditioner and the comb, but they just put the lice into a nice little nap, so if i dont get all of them off theyll wake up nice and hungry. anyway i was going 2 go to the beach and wash my hair in the salt water but if theres anything that will actually KILL the lice AND their nits plz do
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tell(home remedie)

This is what torture I had to go through one summer when I was 7.

Variety of Lice Treatments

After 2 weeks of using all the lice shampoo, neon nit stuff, and all the other stinky stuff, my head was still home to about thousands of lice and nits. It sucked. Then, as a last resort before chopping off all of my long, curly, beautiful brown hair, my aunt read about this old cure that poor people used to use in the South. What you do is glop on a huge mess of Vaseline, throw a shower cap over it, and wash it out and repeat the next day. In about 3-5 days, all of the disgusting little creatures will be gonzo and you’ll have your scalp back again. But also, even after the Vaseline treatment and you think you are cured, I would still recommend using the lice shampoo just one more time.

Most Effective Lice Solution

Liceadex One Step Lice & Nit Removal Gel is a special, one of a kind, natural formula that provides a safe effective way to kill lice and their eggs, without traditional and potentially harmful pesticide ingredients like permethrin or pyrethrum found in many over the counter solutions or expensive, multiple-step, essential oil-based solutions. Our formulation, using specialized surfactants and minerals such as Pubic lice - vinegar lice -<b srcset= Head Lice – body lice – lice treatment – lice infestation” width=”150″ height=”150″ />bromides, is the fastest-acting and most effective Head Lice products you will find today without using pesticides.

  • Kills all lice and eggs naturally in minutes
  • Contains no pesticides
  • Allows for easy pain-free, tangle-free nit and debris removal
  • Rinses completely clean without oily residue
  • Can be used multiple times safely
  • Can be used safely after “other” lice treatments have been done

Additional Lice Information Resources – Get the Lice Facts

Factoids on This Topic

  • Lime juice as a home remedy is to use the first method.
  • Regular shampooing will not kill head lice.
  • The first steps towards providing a head lice cure are in identifying whether a head lice problem exists, treating the head lice and treatment of other infected areas.
  • Head lice spread easily, especially where people are in close contact.
  • Preventing head lice is always the first defense in head lice treatment.
  • Chlorine is corrosive, and when applied non-diluted bleach to the scalp may lead to irritation of the skin.
  • Head lice are often found behind the ears and at the nape of the neck, where severe infestations occasionally result in the formation of scabby crusts where lice may congregate.
  • There are many steps in providing a head Lice cure.
  • Tea tree oil lice removal products are known for their familiarity with several saloons; people crowd several salons to get utmost relief from these head bugs.
  • Children 3 to 11 years old get head lice most often.
  • Vinegar with water is also a good home remedy for head lice.
  • Tea tree oil is an additional home remedy for head lice infestation.

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