Can I get lice from being close to people? Like only talking to them or walking past them.?

Can I get Lice From Being Close To People?


If you are wondering if you can get lice from like only talking to them or walking past them; then your answer is No!

Let’s discuss some examples. .  If you live in a dorm and the showers and bathroom are public. The shower hooks are shared as well.   ARe you wondering “Do I have to worry about that”? “How can I keep myself from getting lice.

Lice live on your hair; whether it is Head Lice or pubic lice they still just live on your hair.  Children play in close contact usually hugging each other and sharing pillows and hats.  Lice can be transmitted that way.  Sexual contact is another way.

If you are wondering “Can I get Lice From
Being Close To People” Remember a few things such as:

  • -lice can’t jump, so being by somebody with lice won’t be a problem.
  • -just don’t come into contact with their hair.
  • -shower hooks won’t be a problem because lice will only stay in hair
  • -if lice aren’t living in hair, they will die in 3 days or less

You don’t want to get lice because……..

  • -or course, it itches
  • -the lice on you will almost double daily and it will become a big problem
  • -you will have to pick out every single lice bug after you kill them(there will be thousands)

What to do if you get lice………

  • -don’t use the special lice shampoo, it won’t kill all the lice, and it stings, use rubbing alchol, and rub it into your hair (when i got lice that’s what the doctor told me to do)
  • -(you may not like this one, but i works) put mayo in your hair, and sleep with it in a shower cap)
  • -if you do get lice, make sure you go to the doctor though for better instructions
  • -bag all blankets and anything cotton up, and seal the bag tight for 1 week to be SURE that all lice is dead
  • -you will have to have you or someone else pick the lice out of your hair

Preventing lice……….

  • -really, just keep all your stuff clean, and don;t share stuff like hairbrushes ect.
  • -if you think someone around you has lice, scrub you furinature with pinesol, lice hate the smell, and it will drive them away.


Interesting Facts

  • Tea tree oil is the one that goes well with the procedure to eradicate lice from head.
  • Antibiotics may be used at the discretion of the physician to treat secondary infections resulting from Head Lice infestation.
  • Head lice develop in three stages: nit, nymph, and adult louse.
  • Some of the treatments available are not 100% effective at killing Head Lice.
  • Lice removal doesn’t have to be a long and stressful process.
  • Tea tree oil lice removal products are known for their familiarity with several saloons; people crowd several salons to get utmost relief from these head bugs.
  • Resistant lice may need a special Head Lice treatment, and you do not want overexpose your child to treatments that are not working.
  • Castor oil is another excellent home made Head Lice remedy.
  • Once a child gets Head Lice, the mature oradult Head Licecan lay up to 10 eggs or nits each day.
  • Head lice travel from person to person after close contact.

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