Poison Ivy Blisters

Poison Ivy Blisters are the next…

How to get rid of poison ivy blisters? The Poison Ivy Blistersare a result of a reaction from being in contact with the poision ivy plant. The poison ivy plant secretes an oil called urushiol oil. When the urushiol oil comes in contact with your skin, it produces an allergic reaction and a Poison Ivy Skin Rash developes, then the Poison Ivy Blisters follow.

The Poison Ivy rash only spreads in the areas the urushiol oil is present. Don’t be confused by the leaking poison ivy blisters fluids causing the spread of the Poision Ivy Rash which also causes Poison Ivy Blisters. The fluid in the poison ivy blisters is a product of your own body; it doesn’t contain any of the urushiol oil or the poison ivy sap and it is not contagious.

When the Poision Ivy Rash or the Poison Ivy Blisters spread it is usually because the skin has absorbed it at different levels or because the person continues to be in contact with the urushiol oil from unwashed clothes, shoes, shoe laces, sporting equipment, gardening equipment, pets or even your camping equipment.

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Ivy Blisters are not contagious!

So don’t worry about those oozing poison ivy blisters that look horrible and you might think are contagious, it’s more important to recognize that people leave an invisible trail of toxicodendrol on everything they touch.

Avoid Poison Ivy Blisters

It is not uncommon for people end up reinfecting themselves with the urushiol or poison ivy blisters for weeks. It’s more important to remember to wash everything you touched as quickly as you recognize you have poison ivy blisters.

Many people don’t realize it, but the sap is so potent, you can pass it around from object to object many times over with only light contact. Don’t forget that our pets need to be thoroughly washed also of the urushiol oil.

Your pets fur is the perfect environment for the urushiol oil to spread all over your home and your family members. Your pet can be the cause of people in the home contacting poison ivy blisters. An example is if you have poison ivy in your back yard, it can be as simple as your pet spending a few minutes in the back yard and then coming back into the house. His fur works really good to spread the urushiol oil everyplace he goes and touches! But still the most important thing is to avoid poison ivy to prevent having Poison Ivy Blisters.

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