Any successful home remedies for poison ivy?

Poison Ivy Remedies

Jewel weed!! you can get jewel weed soap, from Burt’s bees it helps curingĀ  the Poison ivy. I just get the bar wet and rub it on the affected area and let it dry.

poison ivy rashSpray it with pure alcohol (not the kind you drink, the clear kind you get at the drug store) and or a mixture of alcohol and tea tree oil (i put mostly alcohol with just about 1/8 tea tree, proportionally. Putting the alcohol and tea tree in a small spray bottle helps you put it on without making the poison ivy itch when you’re applying it). Then cover the oozy ones with loose bandages so they won’t spread and change the bandages many times during the day, spraying the area with the alcohol/tea tree stuff then let it dry and put bandages back on.

First Aid Gel to stop the burning and itching of Poison Ivy, Oak, or Sumac and help protect against the risk of skin infection in minor cuts, scrapes, and burns.

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Poison Ivy Healing Gel - Treatment for Poison Ivy - poison ivyPoison Ivy Healing Gel penetrates deep into the skin to remove the Urushiol oil responsible for the itching, burning, rashes, blisters, and oozing. This helps to soothe the itchiness and burning, as well as attack any bacteria, viruses and fungus providing long-lasting relief! The Non-Toxic gel can also be used as a hand and skin cleanser, stopping 99% of bacteria on-contact.

It’s also effective against poison ivy skin irritations and minor cuts, scrapes, scratches, and burns, and the convenient travel size makes it perfect to throw in a purse, pocket or backpack to provide instant relief where ever you go.