A Poison Ivy Remedy For Fast Healing

Poison Ivy Remedy For Fast Healing Information

You can look for remedies until you are blue in the face, but the main and most important thing you must remember is that you MUST wash off the poison ivy oils from your skin within 15 minutes of contact or you are in for a very itchy ride. .

If the oils have had time to soak into your skin, you can continue to get breakouts for weeks after.  There are home remedies we will discuss below also.  These are using products right there in your home.

Poison Ivy Remedy – Over The Counter

There are several over the counter Remedies for poison ivy that you can locate in drug stores or on the internet.

The post popular over the counter remedies are:

Technu - This product serves mainly as a WASH for poison ivy, oak or sumac resin.  It’s very popular and the main ingredient is mineral spirits and some alchohol compounds.  While this product does indeed have some benefits, The International Journal of Dermatology concluded after one of its studies, that it offered no benefit when compared to washing with dial soap.

Ivy Block - Ivy Block is a preventative and not a poison ivy itch stopper or healer.  This product is a patented form of bentonite clay that actually removes the resin from the skin.  It is such a good absorber of oil, that the bentonite can be used to treat other skin conditions such as acne and excessive oilynes to the skin.

Hydrocortison – While hydrocortison relieves the itch, it does not have immediate effects!  It does shut down the inflammation on a cellular level.  A good slathering of hydrocortisone can take up to 4 to 6 hours to work.

Ivarest - This is a reasonably good product; there is actually some benzyl alcohol in the product.  Its a good formulation and its priced right; however its really nothing more than dial soap or rubbing alcohol versus technu. I consider this product a wanta-be.

Allstop Poison Ivy Kit – This Kit is worth looking at because the kit is dual action.  Not only does it contain a scrub wash, it also contains a product to relieve the itch right away and it also heals the skin.   The Allstop Poison Ivy gel’s main ingredient is benzalchonium chloride; the formulation of this product is very unique and safe.  By far this kit does what you want it to do.

  1. Stop the itch immediately
  2. Heal the skin or protect it from secondary bacterial infections from the scratching
  3. Removes the urishol oil via a scrub

 Best Poison Ivy Treatment

Poison Ivy Remedy – Prescription Based

Triamcinole Infection - This is not an over the counter and is administred through an office visit with your doctor.  Its readily available in an ER or doctors office,

If you have ever searched the internet for a poison ivy remedy, there are many sites that tout their own product. Other sites offer no substance in their suggestions, only anecdotal evidence that cannot be relied on. The reality is, no single remedy works for everyone. If you have this skin dermatitis, there are some remedies that work more often than others.

Poison Ivy Remedy – Home Remedies

Home remedies for poison ivy #1: Take Vitamin C with bioflavonoids, help to prevent infection and the rapid spreading of the rash cause by poison ivy and reduces swelling.

Home remedies for poison ivy #2: Take Calcium and Beta-carotene, they help to boost the immune response and to speed healing of poison ivy.

Home remedies for poison ivy #3: Take Zinc, helps to repair skin tissue damaged by poison ivy.

Home remedies for poison ivy #4: Use Calamine lotion, is good to speed healing of poison ivy.

Home remedies for poison ivy #5: For cooling relief, apply over the itching area aloe vera juice, tofu or watermelon rind, they soothe and dry poison ivy immediately.

Home remedies for poison ivy #6: Calendula lotion es very good in reducing itching, limiting the spread of the rash and helping the body to heal faster.

Home remedies for poison ivy #7:  Mix a paste of 1 tsp water with 3 tsp baking soda, oatmeal OR cornstarch OR epson salts.


The single best poison ivy remedy is to simply not come into contact with the poisonous plant. Make a point to learn what the plant looks like and try to avoid it while outdoors. Wearing boots, long socks and pants can go a long ways towards keeping the oils from coming into contact with your skin. When removing articles of clothing that you suspect have oil from the plant on them, try to minimize contact with the clothing or shoe laces by wearing a pair of disposable gloves or using a plastic bag. Once the clothing is off, it needs to be washed in hot water using a strong soap.

Poison Ivy Remedy – Soaps and Water

If you come into contact with poison ivy, the sooner you can get rid of the oil from your skin, the less of an allergic reaction you are going to have. If you can get to cold running water within ten to fifteen minutes of contact, the best poison ivy remedy is to get the part of your body that made contact under running water for about five to ten minutes. This rinses away and dilutes the oil before it has a chance to be absorbed into the skin.

If you are sensitive or more time has passed there are a number of soaps that are specifically designed to break down the oils in poison ivy. These soaps break down the oils and are able to pull or leach the oil out of the skin. They can be quite drying as they tend to pull out all the oils but are the best poison ivy remedy you can buy.

Poison Ivy Remedy -Helping the Itch

If you realize days later that you have poison ivy, there are a couple of remedies that help. First of all, the soaps can still help and you should use them on your hands if you relent and scratch at the affected areas. It does not take much oil to cause a reaction and by scratching you can transfer the poison ivy’s toxic oil to other parts of your body if you forget and scratch. There are a couple products designed to cover and protect the area as the oil naturally breaks down. Some natural products such as aloe vera and tea tree oil can help with itching, inflammation and can also help break down the oils.

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Factoids on This Topic

  • From small red rashes to filled blisters, the poison ivy rashes can be very painful and itchy.
  • The fluid in the poison ivy blisters may cause the rash to spread.
  • The safest way to kill poison ivy is with a systemic herbicide that contains triclopyr.
  • Red inflamed skin, itching, developing a rash, blistering, and coming down with a fever are all common poison ivy symptoms.
  • Oral antihistamines like benadryl are generally used for mild relief of Poison Ivy symptoms.
  • The first line of defence in any poison ivy treatment is to get rid of as much of the urushiol as possible.
  • Some experts have also suggested that minute amounts of urushiol fragments might remain at the site of old poison ivy rashes, and these fragments might cause an old rash to flare up when the immune system cells come by bearing quinones from urushiol.
  • Poison ivy rashes can take up to three weeks to heal.
  • Some persons possess a more grave allergy to poison ivy rash, in which case cure can be further forceful; but, nearly everyone would be capable of seeking a straightforward, home therapy or over-the-counter poison ivy rash treatment.
  • Take great care to identify and kill poison ivy before someone comes in contact with it and suffers that awfully itching.
  • The first step in poison ivy rash treatment is to place the infected area under running water, as this will wash away the histamines that cause skin itching.
  • Poison ivy treatment will likely involve oral steroids such as prednisone or even an immediate injection for the most severe cases.