Can you get poison ivy in your lungs from lawn mower?

I was working about 3 weeks ago at my high school getting rid of poison ivy I was wearing shorts and one of our not so bright workers touched my leg with the poison ivy coated tools I went home and washed it with a advertised poison ivy treatment. Luckily I didn’t get poison ivy. About a week later I was mowing the same courtyard breathing heavily through my mouth. I was concentrating so hard on working I forgot the area I was mowing was wear we piled the poison ivy a week earlier (and later moved it) however there were still a few stems and quite a few leaves there. After words I was mainly worried about skin contact so I washed up at home again. About a day or 2 later I developed very moderate cold symptoms but no fever. My nose( although it was only mildly congested to start) cleared up after 2 days. After a few more days I the cough seemed to develop into a mildly pneumonia like chest cough except I was and still am coughing up what seems like thick saliva except with the taste of blood. My throat chest feel like they are lined with something and I just equated breathing to the feeling you get when you first smoke and inhale for the first time ( I quit smoking a while ago) except alot milder. I just recalled What I did last week because I was wondering how I could have such a bad cold without having a fever and without getting my family sick. So my question is can our lawnmower, which is one of the gas powered push mowers that spews the cut grass out the side, have ground up the poison ivy up enough that i could breathe in enough oils to cause poison ivy and furthermore do these symptoms seem to be able to point toward a mild case of poison ivy in the respratory system

It’s possible that you got some poison ivy particles in your mouth and airway that are causing a reaction. People have been documented as getting poison ivy in the trachea and lungs after breathing smoke from burned poison ivy. You sound like you are in stable condition right now, but you really should go see a doctor, upon the chance that your throat swells closed and you can’t breathe.