Poison ivy/random itching treatment over the counter?

Effects of Poison Ivy Plants

I went mountain biking and got into some poison ivy. Big nasty patch on my leg which doesn’t itch anymore, but is blistering.

I do have some random poison ivy spots on my arms/legs/ and neck where it appears I have spread it by scratching and touching other parts of my body.

What can I do over the counter for this mess? The itching is driving me crazy.

  Poison Ivy

Fast Acting Poison Ivy Healing Gel

Poison Ivy Healing Gel penetrates deep into the skin to remove the Urushiol oil responsible for the itching, burning, rashes, blisters, and oozing. This helps to soothe the itchiness and burning, as well as attack any bacteria, viruses and fungus providing long-lasting relief! The Non-Toxic gel can also be used as a hand and skin cleanser, stopping 99% of bacteria on-contact.

Poison Ivy Healing Gel - Treatment<b><b> for poison ivy</b></b> – remedies<b><b> for poison ivy</b></b> – poison ivy” width=”150″ height=”150″ /></a>It’s also effective against skin irritations and minor cuts, scrapes, scratches, and burns, and the convenient travel size makes it perfect to throw in a purse, pocket or backpack to provide instant relief where ever you go.</p>
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Stops the Itching and Burning of Poison Ivy

  • Sleep better at night without waking up scratching because of poison ivy rashes
  • Stops the spreading of the Urushiol oil to other parts of the body
  • Less stress and peace of mind with less irritation on the skin
  • You have control over the allergic reaction to the plants oil
  • Stop being irritable with family members because you are scratching all the time
  • You can rest assured the itch will not return
  • Allows you to wear the clothing you want to wear without feeling embarrassed by your poison ivy rash
  • Do not have to worry about the redness of your skin anymore
  • You no longer have to spend money on different treatments and going to the doctor.
  • Stop the agony of your skin burning all of the time
  • Get your comfort back without having the itch and burn from poison ivy
  • Feel comfortable again because of the soothing effects of poison Ivy healing gel.

Need More Facts?

  • The best solution to get rid of poison ivy rash is to identify the plant and avoid the contact with it.
  • Poison ivy blisters are formed because of the substance called urushiol that is in the plant.
  • Aloe vera, which is a home remedy for many of the skin irritations, is also useful for poison ivy rashes.
  • Clear or slightly yellow transparent fluid is common from poison ivy blisters and is not a sign of infection.
  • As one of the easiest poison ivy rash treatment cures you can make, the Oatmeal Relief should be tried first.
  • Over-the-counter hydrocortisone creams are not strong enough to have any effect on poison ivy rashes.
  • It’s more important to remember to wash everything you touched as quickly as you recognize you have poison ivy blisters.
  • Even if you are not allergic to poison ivy there’s no reason to open yourself up to the risk it presents.
  • The best way to avoid poison ivy symptoms is to learn what the plant looks like and avoid touching it.
  • Poison Ivy Blisters are a result of a reaction from being in contact with the poision ivy plant.
  • Damaging the leaves or berries will release more sap and thus poison ivy rashes are especially common in the spring when leaves are tender.
  • In case of poison ivy symptoms, one can use calamine lotions, jewel weed, baking soda soaks or Vicks Vapor rub in order to give some relief.
  • The Allstop Poison Ivy Healing Gel is used to relieve the itch and also heal and prevent infection commonly caused from scratching.