Quick Poison Ivy relief without going to the doctor?

Dealing with Poison Ivy

I get poison ivy every year and it’s the same deal: face swells up, itching and burning, sleepless nights, etc. I eventually go to the doctor and get steroids to clear it up. But does anyone know of quick treatment that doesn’t involve going to the doctor?

Poison Ivy ItchHello June

I’ve had this before and it’s awful! Here’s some remedies I’ve found to be helpful.

First, my favorite, try Calamine lotion. It is not very expensive, but it is very effective in eliminating the itching, though you have pink skin during the treatment. The Calamine lotion feels cool and helps tremendously with that awful itching and burning!

I’ve found also that heat will help dry up the skin and speed up the healing process – like a hair dryer or a hot shower. Use a blow dryer on the low setting, and blow the warm air against the affected skin. This helps to dry out the damaged skin and eliminate it, along with the itching and burning. Likewise, a hot shower can provide the same benefits and relief.

Another effective cure, though I’ve not tried this one personally, is to make a paste from baking soda and water. Apply a thick cover over the affected area so it can penetrate the skin and help dry out the  poison ivy rash which will eventually eliminate it.Complete Poison Ivy Treatment Kit - poison ivy

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Best Poison Ivy Remedy

Our Complete Poison Ivy Treatment Kit comes with a Citrus Skin Exfoliator to remove the urishol oil from your skin and pores and also comes with the Medicated Healing  gel that stops the burning and relieves the itch from Poison Ivy, Poison oak and Poison Sumac while helping heal the skin damage.

Specialized surfactant base washes skin and removes urushiol without abrasives that can cause skin damage in serious outbreaks.

I hope one of these Poison Ivy remedies will help you, June!

Factoids on This Topic

  • Some persons possess a more grave allergy to poison ivy rash, in which case cure can be further forceful; but, nearly everyone would be capable of seeking a straightforward, home therapy or over-the-counter poison ivy rash treatment.
  • The oil, which causes the poison ivy symptoms, causes an angry red rash, which typically swells and then develops into blisters.
  • Prevention and awareness are the best actions to prevent poison ivy rashes.
  • When used with the Allstop Poison Ivy healing Gel, your poison ivy will be under control within minutes.
  • A poison ivy rash begins with itching and red skin.
  • People who have had poison ivy rashes report that the itching is so intense that it is nearly impossible not to scratch it.