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What chinese medicine herbs treat psoriasis?

I just saw an acupunturist/chinese medicine doctor to help my psoriasis after seeing 3 dermatologists. He gave me three immortals. I googled it and it supposedly helps menopausal symptoms and not psoriasis. I have put in a call to him about these herbs, but I think he made a mistake.

Can someone tell me which herbs do help treat it? Which brands etc. sell it?
To the person who answered below, the CMD I saw said I had a liver issue and hot blood.

Chinese medicine addresses the pattern of imbalance in a person. The manifestations of any one pattern of disharmony can manifest in many ways depending on the constitution of a person. Also, there can be many patterns of disharmony responsible for any given ailment. Of 10 patients with psoriasis, each may have a very different treatment protocol.

The primary indications of the formulas used (I presume you were given a bottle of patent herbs in pill form) can sometimes be misleading. You are taking a variation of Er Xian Tang which is used to tonify Kidney energy which is often depleted in menopausal women, but can also present in younger people, again depending on your particular constitution. You may have back ache, menstrual issues, irritability or insomnia, frequent urine etc.

So, to answer your question, without having completed a fairly comprehensive intake (by western standards), nobody can give you an effective herbal recommendation. There is no “magic bullet”, and herbs that worked for one person may not work for another with a different presenting pattern.

I urge you to continue with the prescribed treatment for a few weeks and see what happens. I presume the TCMD you saw was well qualified, and if not, I would find one that is. Chinese medicine really shines where these sorts of obscure, poorly understood conditions are concerned. Good luck!

Further to your reply above:

This formula you’re on will nourish and cool LIver blood in addition to strengthening the Kidneys (Kidneys are the “root” and are very closely related to Liver). It was likely chosen based on the sum of your presenting signs and symptoms. You see how the primary indications of a formula can be misleading. I hope you’ll persevere. Are you getting acupuncture treatments? They would be very helpful to speed things along.

Home Remedies for Psoriasis?

Hi galen g

Here are some ideas for both an internal and an external approach.

Psorias may be connected with Vitamin D deficiency.

Many people who find that their condition gets better when they spend plenty of time in the sun get relief in the winter by going to a tanning salon and using the UVB booth.

Others have found other ways to get UVB treatment at home without prescription such as buying UVB lights meant for reptiles kept as pets. If your psoriasis is mostly on your extremities, that might be a good solution for you.

The Vitamin D Council is a good site to find out more about how much Vitamin D3 to take internally during the parts of the year when you don’t get enough sunshine. They will also provide information about how to be properly tested to see whether you’re Vitamin D deficient.

The combination of salt water and UVB (simulated beach!) seems to work especially well for some. Regular cooking salt as well as epsom salts can both be effective when dissolved in a tub full of water.

Finally, while researching gallbladder and liver problems I came across studies which found that taking bile salts to aid digestion can help psoriasis. That would make sense from the standpoint that a diseased or sluggish liver can often manifest itself in various skin conditions.

I hope that helps some!

Good luck!

Do I have psoriasis? Or something else?

For a long time now I have had a condition where I get dandruff-like flakes in my hair. I do not believe this is dandruff however, and I have been told this might be psoriasis.

Basically, the symptoms are that the scalp gets very itchy, and when I need to scratch where it’s needed, I find that very small bumps are on the head, of which contain these white flakes – therefore if I scratch often, lots of these white flakes appear. It doesn’t hurt to scratch, although if I scratch often then clearly it will begin to hurt. As far as I can tell there are no ‘spots’ or similar that I’ve read are pertaining to psoriasis.

This is aggravated by stress, being out in hot weather, and also in using certain regular and common shampoos.

Can anyone please comment on whether they think this is actually psoriasis, or something else?

Thanks for your help!

No you have no psoriasis it effects on other body parts with red itchy scars you have only on head like dandruff.Psoriasis starts at the time of weather changes.
You are sensitive for sun rays and heat so wear a cap and wash head something cool like buttermilk , yoghurt homemaid plain or apply lemon juice whicle washing your head. donworry you are O.K deseaseless you have only sensitive skin avoid direct sunrays on head.
Good Luck,be relaxed and enjoy the life.

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