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what are the home remedy for BP and Psoriasis .?

My friend is having both BP and Psoriasis and hence please give me a home remedy which is good for boththese problems sice most medecines for psoriasis interferes with BP

I have both of these problems and have for about 20 yrs. The high blod pressure came first and then I started with the psoriasis. The blood pressure problem will not go away with any home remedies. They say garlic lowere BP,if that were the truth than I would have a BP so low it would not even register. I use several heads of garlic a week in my cooking and always did even before high BP,and nothing and I mean nothing can get rid of or decrease psoriasis, even the meds to take and some are very dangerous only work for short times and interferes with healing of the immune system. I have been to specialists at all the best hospitals in the East,in several states, and psoriasis is here to stay. So in a nut shell, home remedies just wont work,herbists will try to tell you they do, but nothing has been proven and the longer you go with high BP the worse it is on your body. I use creams for the psoriasis just to stop the itch.

If you have Psoriasis, how do you deal with it? What treatments have worked for you?

I have psoriasis and would like to know of various ways to deal with it as far as medication and treatment are concerned.
Thanks in adavnce.

There are many different treatments available to help control psoriasis, but no single treatment works for everyone. Usually a trial-and-error approach is taken to find the most appropriate one.

You have 3 basic types of treatments:

1.Topical treatment (applied directly to the skin)
2.Phototherapy (skin is exposed to ultraviolet light)
3.Systemic treatment (drugs or medications taken orally or by injection)

There is also a great number of alternative psoriasis treatments that include everything from acupuncture to fasting.

The goal is to find a treatment that works the best with the fewest side effects. One of the first principles of psoriasis treatment is to not create anything worse than the disease.

Best Wishes

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Does anyone know of some good home treatments for Psoriasis on the body?

I have psoriasis on my elbows, hands, wrists, knees, top and bottom of my feet and my toes!! It seems to be spreading more and more here lately and I’m so tired of it!! I was wondering if there’s anything people have tried to get rid of it and it worked. Please help me out if you know. Thanks!

I’ve had psoriasis for years, nothing helped, I went to a new doctor and he have me CLOBETASOL PROPIONATE cream 0.05% I Am in total shock , I had it so bad on my elbows they use to bleed, As God is my witness this is the truth I used it about 10 days and it’s completely gone in fact I had it on the top of my hand and were I applied the medicine it ‘s as smooth as silk and all around where I didn’t use it you can see the fine wrinkle lines, so far so good I hope it stays away

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