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Psoriasis Cure Now Announces National Short Sleeve Day on September 15

Psoriasis Cure Now Announces National Short Sleeve Day on September 15

Kensington, MD (PRWEB) August 13, 2007

Psoriasis Cure Now, a nonprofit patient advocacy group, announced the first national Short Sleeve Day, to be held on September 15, 2007. On this day, psoriasis patients from coast to coast, and their loved ones, will don short sleeves and engage the public about psoriasis. The Day, which includes local events in San Francisco, Washington, DC, Salt Lake City and Chicago, also includes a national “virtual” event for those not able to attend one of the public events. Registration is free, and can be done via or on the Psoriasis Cure Now website: .


“Too often, psoriasis patients opt to skip the pool party, wear long sleeves in summer, or retreat from certain social situations,” said Michael Paranzino, president of Psoriasis Cure Now and himself a psoriasis patient. “Short Sleeve Day will be a great chance for people with psoriasis to change the way psoriasis is perceived and even the way we perceive ourselves.”


The Short Sleeve Day website and official T-shirt feature the clever drawings of New York artist and psoriasis patient Gillian Fisher, and several of the Short Sleeve Day events will feature live music by people with psoriasis, including a Salt Lake City, Utah performance by singer-songwriter and piano rocker Kevin Burdick.


“Short Sleeve Day is a volunteer-driven campaign for awareness and fundraising for the cause,” Paranzino added. “From Gillian Fisher’s compelling art to the powerful stories told in Kevin Burdick’s songs, Short Sleeve Day will inspire psoriasis patients while helping educate the public about the seriousness of this disease. And yes, we’re planning to have fun, too.”


Psoriasis Cure Now is hoping to have people from all 50 states participate in the Virtual Short Sleeve Day event, and all registrants will receive educational materials they can distribute to their family, friends and neighbors on Short Sleeve Day.


The Short Sleeve Day campaign is launching in the midst of another major Psoriasis Cure Now effort, the first-ever Psoriasis Video Contest. So far, ten videos have been entered in the contest, which features $ 10,000 in prize money. The submission deadline is September 26, 2007, with a special $ 1,000 Early Bird prize going to the best video submitted through August 15. You can learn more about the contest and watch the entries on the Psoriasis Cure Now Video Contest website:


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Redmond, WA (PRWEB) November 4, 2005

Question: Where can psoriasis patients and their families go to learn more about the common skin disease and effective natural treatments for it?


Answer: Nowhere–until today. With the goal of offering the largest psoriasis information site not run by big pharmaceutical companies, SaltWorks™, Inc. has launched


Mark Zoske, founder of SaltWorks, saw the need for such a site when customers began reporting improvement after using SaltWorks’ Dead Sea salt-based products to treat their psoriasis.


“We have spoken with so many customers over the years that have purchased our Bokek™ Dead Sea salt and ReliefRx Psoriasis Treatment program to help with their psoriasis,” Zoske explained. “We created as a reference point for various types of psoriasis and various treatments, with a particular focus on safe and natural alternative treatments. The current treatments most doctors prescribe for their psoriasis patients are pretty frightening.”


For that reason, provides free, comprehensive information about specific types of psoriasis, along with updates on psoriasis treatments and news about research advances. An extensive resource section includes links to medical journals, the National Psoriasis Foundation and its counterparts around the world, psoriasis discussion forums and support groups, and other psoriasis-related sites. is updated regularly with relevant information for psoriasis patients, their friends and families, and their health care providers.


Nothing on is provided or sponsored by large drug manufacturers–and Zoske aims to keep it that way, opting instead to create an unbiased source of information about the condition and offer alternatives to harsh prescription psoriasis treatments.


“We hope is a gift of empowerment through education,” said Zoske. “Our team is dedicated to providing accessible, widespread, and accurate information free of charge to expand the public’s understanding of psoriasis.”


About SaltWorks™, Inc.


Founded in 2001 by Mark Zoske, SaltWorks imports premium gourmet sea salts and bath salts and supplies them to the wholesale, retail, and consumer markets throughout North America. SaltWorks customers range from individuals that order by the pound to manufacturers, restaurants, food co-ops, and health food stores that order by the pallet. The Seattle-area company maintains a strong commitment to providing the cleanest, most natural products possible.


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Psoriatic Arthritis

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If a person already has Psoriasis, then he or she may contract Psoriatic Arthritis as well. Psoriatic Arthritis is thus an offshoot of Psoriasis in individuals. 10 or 30% of all Psoriasis patients are afflicted with Psoriatic Arthritis. Primary concentrations of this condition include connective tissue and the joints.

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Typically, persons aged between 30 to 50 years are the most likely candidates for contracting Psoriatic Arthritis. Compared to women, men are more prone to contracting this disease. Certain aspects such as environmental conditions, genetic structure as well as condition of immune system make a person more susceptible to Psoriatic Arthritis.

Pattern of infection spread
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