Is Ringworm Of The Skin Contagious After Treatment Has Begun?

Question About Ringworm?

ringworm treatment - ringwormsCan it be transferred from human to dog? Ringworm

Ringworm (or tinea) is not a “worm” infection as the name suggests, but is a fungal infection caused by mold-like fungi called dermatophytes.
. They live on the dead tissues on the skin and any structures that grow from the skin, such as hair or nails.

The source of the fungus is usually the soil, an animal (usually a cat, dog or rodent) or another person. Minor trauma to the skin (for instance, scratches) and poor skin hygiene increase possibility of infection. Infection does not create lasting immunity – a child can be repeatedly infected by the same type of fungus.

Ringworm Prevention

It is difficult to take specific measures to prevent tinea or ringworm infection since these fungi are common.

The process of infection by the fungi that cause tinea is not very well known, so an incubation period is not established.

If untreated, these infections can linger on and become chronic.

Ringworm is contagious but the process of transfer from one person to another is not well understood. Obviously, one should avoid touching an area of active infection on another person or animal.

Home Treatment:
Most cases of ringworm are treated with antifungal ointments, shampoos, and creams. But if the disease is extensive, or the infection is deep-seated (if, for instance, the nail bed is infected), antifungal medication in the form of tablets or suspensions may be necessary. In general, the course is prolonged to assure a complete cure.

Professional Treatment:
Ringworm does not require hospitalization, but in cases where the clinical presentation is different, your doctor may want to conduct some tests to confirm the diagnosis. These include examining the lesion with a special lamp that emits ultraviolet light, causing certain types of fungi to glow. Since the most common cause of scalp ringworm, Tinea tonsurans, doesn’t glow under UV light, this is not helpful. Scraping of the lesion for microscopic examination and fungal culture can make the specific diagnosis.

Keep your child in school or day care.
Ringworm of the skin does not spread from one person to another easily enough to worry about. After 48 hours of treatment, it is not contagious at all.

Get ringworm treatment for pets.

Kittens and puppies with ringworm usually do not itch and may not have any rash. Pets with a skin rash or sores should be examined by a veterinarian. Also have your child avoid close contact with the animal until he is treated. Natural immunity also develops in animals after 4 months even without treatment. Call your veterinarian for other questions.

If you suspect that a child in your facility has ringworm:

Notify the parents and ask them to contact the child’s physician for diagnosis.
If the lesion cannot be covered, exclude a child with ringworm until after treatment has begun and the lesion has started to shrink.
Observe good hand washing technique among all children and adults.
Prohibit sharing of personal items, such as hair care articles, towels, and clothing.
Dry skin thoroughly after washing.
Wash bathroom surfaces and toys daily.
Vacuum carpeted areas and upholstered furniture.

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Ringworm Treatment

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All About Ringworm.

Interesting Facts

  • Many are infected through their pet or by sharing hairbrushes, towels, socks or underwear with infected people.
  • The most effective kind of treatment of ringworm in humans is through the use of an anti-fungal cream.
  • Some patients with tinea barbaeal so experience symptoms like breaking of hairs.
  • Athlete’s foot called tinea pedis is a form of fungal skin infection .
  • A lot of times sharing of combs and other articles of personal use can also cause the spread of ringworm in humans.
  • Cats receiving treatment for ringworm usually show good improvementwithin 2 to 4 weeks of therapy.
  • Ringworm in humansman infests as a severely itchy skin rash that can be very hard to treat.
  • Looking at how to treat ringworm to eliminate the irritating psychical effects and embarrassmentc Ringworm outbreaks are very common as this fungal infection is contagious long before symptoms appear.

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