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Ringworm Pack Reviews

  • 2oz / 59ml Medicated Skin Cream 
  • 2oz / 59ml Healing Gel
December 31, 2008
 Reviewer: Joani  
Your products were truly miraculous when nothing else would even touch the ringworm infestation I had.

 Great Product and Speedy Delivery
January 17, 2008 
 Reviewer: F. McCarthy 
IT WORKS!!!!  Almost immediately the itching was relieved, and in a few days the 'ring' had almost totally disappeared. Thank you so much for this wonderful product and the speed in which you deliver.

 Skeptic No More
November 7, 2008 
 Reviewer: T. Lemons
I ordered your allstop for ringworm and just wanted to let you guys know that this product works great!  It took about 4 days of faithfully using it, but it has since cleared up.  I'll  admit I was skeptical at first, and hesitated to order it, but I'm so glad I did! Thanks for offering this great product!


ASPK033 - Ringworm Pack
ASPK031 - Ringworm Combo

  • 2 - 2oz / 59ml Medicated Skin Cream 
  • 1 - 8oz / 236ml Healing Gel

Retail $44.90
Only $24.95
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All Stop Ringworm Combo
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Product Ingredients

Retail $89.85
Only $39.95
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Ringworm Family Super Pack Reviews

  • 32oz PuraCleenRx™ Disinfectant Spray
  • 2 - 8oz Healing Gel
  • 2 - 16oz Medicated Body Wash
  • 3 - 2oz Medicated Skin Cream
 Great for the Scalp and Body
June 2, 2008 
 Reviewer: Thic.em
About six months ago I ordered the body wash and the cream for my 4 year daughter. She had ringworm on her scalp. I was very please with your products. Now recently out of the blue I received one on my forarm.Again I was pleased. It cleared it up within 4 days the most. I continuesly recommend your products to everyone I know. Thanks.


*Individual Items Total $224.59

All Stop Ringworm Family Superpack

More Details

Product Ingredients

Retail $209.95
Only $99.95
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Medicated Skin Cream Reviews
December 31, 2008
 Reviewer: Dan M. 
Feels good on my skin. Not messy. Very little needed. Lasted a long tine.

August 26, 2008 
 Reviewer: Mike B.
Within 48 hrs the fungas began to clear. I continued to use the product as directed and the fungas had totally cleared. I recommend your product to everyone.  Thanks for for a great product and giving me the relief that no one else could.

August 8, 2008 
 Reviewer: John S.
I was not aware of how easily spread this could be just by touching and other parts of the body. God forbid I had given it to anyone else. I had let it spread on my own body and am so thankful for this stuff which heeled so fast and stopped me from spreading it evan worse


AS00072 - 2oz
AS00073 - 8oz

Only $14.95
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2oz / 59ml

Only $29.95
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8oz / 236ml

Healing Gel (for sensitive areas) Reviews
 feels good on skin
August 29, 2008
 Reviewer: Jason 
it feels just like putting on any other moisturizer or lotion but it's almost as if you can still feel it healing and repairing your skin. It's truly a great feeling!

September 19, 2007 
 Reviewer: B. Manwiller
After 4 days of applying the All Stop, the skin irritation has dried up.
 Itch Relief Finally
October 15, 2007 
 Reviewer: Sandy L.
I received the All Stop on Thursday evening and used it once that night, then 3 times on Saturday and once today. I can't believe how quickly the rash is drying up! It still itches, but no where NEAR as horribly as before.

AS00044 - 2oz
AS00042 - 8oz

Only $14.95
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2oz / 59ml

Only $19.95
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8oz / 236ml

Medicated Body Wash Reviews
 Realy Gentle
July 26, 2008
 Reviewer: Barbara C.
This stuff is just like any other soap you can buy but it's effectivness and actual results are unmatched. It doesn't take anything special to use, just use like any other stuff, and it feels just as soft and smells just as nice, but it does so much more for your skin and makes it better in every way.

AS00029or - 16oz
AS00030or - 1 Gallon

Only $19.95
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16oz / 473ml

Only $119.95
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1 Gallon

Medicated Shea Butter Soap Review

1 BAR - 4 oz. / 113.4 gm

February  25, 2009 
 Reviewer: Drew Q., Omro, WI
definitely relievs itching and makes me feel alot better without the irritation

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Only $9.95
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PuraCleenRx™ Disinfect Spray Reviews
 People will think
January 25, 2009
 Reviewer: Adena L. Mohan
People will think you slaved all day! Your house will smell fresh and clean. Disinfecting Spray is a wonderful addition to your cleaning tools. By disinfecting surfaces you are getting rids of germs that may make your family sick. Point, spray, wipe--how hard is that? Easy to do but really good for your family.

 Spray Clean
January 7, 2009
 Reviewer: Louie O. P.
Nothing beats that clean feeling & smell. Disinfectant Spray will clean and disinfect any surface. It is easy to use, just spray it on and wipe it off.

PC00097 - 32oz
PC00096 - 1 Gallon

Only $19.95
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32oz / 946ml

Only $59.97
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1 Gallon


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