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Scabies Treatment Over The Counter – Homeopathic Treatment For Scabies

Scabies Treatment

Over the Counter Scabies Treatment

If you or a loved one has scabies, you may be shocked to discover why certain people hope you NEVER see this reporT

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Read every word of this report to discover how to tell if you have scabies… and how to quickly and naturally kill the scabies mites without expensive and sometimes dangerous medication.

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Facts and Information about Scabies

  1. Scabies is a worldwide public health problem, affecting persons of all ages, races, and socioeconomic groups.
  2. Scabies infestations can exacerbate underlying eczema,  psoriasis ,  Grover disease , and other preexisting dermatoses.
  3. Scabies is an itchy skin condition caused by a tiny burrowing mite called Sarcoptes scabiei.
  4. Scabies is contagious and can spread quickly through close physical contact in a family, child care group, school class or nursing home.
  5. Scabies is contagious, and is usually transmitted by skin-to-skin contact or through sexual contact with someone else who is infected with it.
  6. Scabies should be suspected when an elderly patient has an intensely pruritic condition.
  7. Scabies mites can survive up to four days off the host.
  8. Scabies is a very contagious skin condition that is caused by a mite that is so small it can only be seen with a magnifying glass or under a microscope.
  9. Scabies affect everyone regardless of age, gender, race, social class, or personal-hygiene habits.
  10. Scabies is also common in congested areas, such as nursing homes and hospitals, where it can spread widely.