Tea Tree Oil Highly Effective with Scabies

Getting Rid Of Scabies

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It is not uncommon for someone to be more concerned about getting rid of the itch BEFORE they get rid of the source, the scabies mites. We understand that quite well, especially having had scabies myself once.

Tea Tree Oil For Scabies

Tea tree oil is one of natures best kept secrets. For thousands of years, people have turned to the tea tree to treat skin infections, fungal infections, control acne, curtail warts, reducing itch and even treat dandruff. In addition, tea tree oil acts as a natural repellent to scabies. Pick up a bottle at your local health food store and treat yourself to a few drops in your nightly bath or simply just rub it on the sore.

The main thing you will get from tea tree oil is that it will get rid of the itch immediately and will allow you to cope until your products arrive in the mail to kill the scabies mites.

We have been keeping in touch with you hoping our All StopTM products will afford you some relief. You do not want to suffer any longer and we know you have suffered long enough and we know we can help. Now you have that chance.

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Scabies Treatment

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