Scabies Rash

Scabies Rash

Once itching begins from the Scabies Rash, it is widespread and overwhelming. The “Scabies Rash”  is a consequence of uncontrolled scratching, and consists of innumerable scratch marks and small, open sores.

The Scabies Rash self-inflicted skin trauma can lead to a secondary bacterial infection. Small, red bumps may also form, part of the allergic reaction produced by the body, in response to the Scabies Rash infestation.

Itching may be pervasive, but scabies actually seek out warmer areas of the body to live such as the folds of the skin. Scratch marks tend to center around the soft portions of the wrist, finger and toe webs, the belly button, and the groin and buttock area. Infants can have Scabies Rash eruptions on their scalp and other areas that are  not typical for adults.

A textbook description of scabies always mentions visible linear burrows on the skin.   This is normally seen after a Scabies Rash is present and the patient is severely infested.

A simple office test that undeniably confirms the Scabies Rash diagnosis is the scabies prep. The dermatologist gently scrapes the Scabies Rash skin with a small blade coated in mineral oil and applies the exfoliated cells onto a glass slide. This is looked at under the microscope. The presence of the mite (or its droppings) is unquestionable confirmation of the diagnosis.

The problem with this method is you must scrape the exact spot where the scabies mite is located to see the evidence.  Remember, there are only 10 to 20 mites present at any one time. That makes it quite difficult to find the scabies mite.

Killing The Scabies Mite after you’ve seen the Scabies Rash

Itching from the Scabies Rash begins approximately 30 days after exposure. That is why it is crucial that all family members be treated at the same time, even if they do not exhibit Scabies Rash symptoms. You may have scabies and just not know it yet.

There are several options when dealing with a Scabies Rash.

You can use over the counter Scabies medicine or scabies cream or you can use prescription scabies meds.  The choice is yours; however do realize that the prescription creams require a doctors appt, skin scraping test and also the costly prescription itself.

Note that treating a Scabies Rash requires that you put the cream on you and your family PLUS there are other things you must do in your home to avoid another infestation.

Mitactin is highly effective scabies treatment that you can get over the counter.  It is non toxic and does not have any side affects.  This treatment requires multiple treatments.

Use Mitactin once in the morning and once at night.  The Mitactin Skin Spray is used from neck to the feet once  day and the Mitactin Salve is used once a day on just the active areas.

Mitactin is safe for children and older people to use daily for as long as you need it.

Scabies Rash Prescription Elimite cream (5% premethrin) is a favorite scabies treatment when eliminating Scabies Rash. Only one Elimite Scabies Rash treatment is necessary to kill both mites and their eggs, compared to multiple treatments with lindane (found in Kwell). That makes it both easier to use and safer when dealing with an intense Scabies Rash.

Here’s a 6-step process for effectively treating scabies:

All household members should be treated whether they have a Scabies Rash or not. Your physician will discuss any exceptions or modifications for infants and pregnant women.  If you choose the non toxic, over the counter scabies product, then there are no side effects.

Apply your Scabies Rash Treatment from your neck down to your toes at bedtime (don’t overlook the webs between the fingers and toes) and wash it off in the morning. This is a one-time treatment if you are using a pesticide treatment.  If you are using a non toxic treatment, you will use the Scabies Rash Treatment twice a day.

You’ll also have to do a lot of laundry. All clothing worn the previous day, all pajamas worn the night of the Scabies Rash treatment, and all bedding, down to the mattress, must be washed in hot water. Dry the laundry for an hour in a hot dryer.

Place any unwashable items into a closed plastic bag for 2 weeks. The eggs will hatch in about 10 days, but scabies aren’t able to live away from human skin for more than 24 hours, so the mites will die.

It is not necessary to treat objects like the sofa or fog the house. Scabies must burrow into the skin of its human host in order to survive. They don’t live in carpeting or furniture; they are slow-moving and have no wings, and cannot jump up and latch on like fleas.

Leave pets alone. Pets  cannot get human scabies, therefore they do not develop a Scabies Rash .

As you can see, the good news is that a Scabies Rash is easily treatable.

VERY IMPORTANT: The bad news is that you can continue to itch for 6 weeks following Scabies Rash treatment. You would be amazed at how seldom this information is conveyed to the scabies patient.

Persistent Scabies Rash itching does not mean you continue to use scabies-killing medications. The scabies mites and eggs are long dead. If you do choose to apply the medication again, should only use the non toxic over the counter scabies treatments.

Patients misinterpreting itching as ongoing infestation may try every conceivable Scabies Rash home remedyincluding some very unsafe scabies treatments in an attempt to “kill the scabies that didn’t die from the medicine.” Bad idea if it is a pesticide…  ok if it is a non toxic scabies treatment.

Stopping The Scabies Rash Itch

Six weeks of discomfort after you’ve finally figured out why you were itching in the first place is a long time to wait for relief. It is just as important to address the itching as to eliminate scabies.

It’s fairly obvious that scratching from the Scabies Rash isn’t good for the skin. It can lead to further skin inflammation (and itching), open wounds, bacterial infections and even scarring. But when you have Scabies Rash, displaying self-control and refusing to scratch is fairly impossible. Anyone who tells you otherwise is greatly lacking some empathy.

Itching from Scabies Rash is essentially a two-part problem. An allergic reaction occurs in response to the parasite, releasing histamine into the skin. Conquer the histamine and much of the problem is controlled.

Inflammation drives Scabies Rash itching, too. White blood cells swarm into the skin, in response to the infection and the disruption caused by all that scratching.

In order to get a reprieve from your Scabies Rash itching, treatment should target the allergic reaction, the inflammation and additional complicating factors. To enhance success, you shouldn’t  limit therapy to a single option.

Rather, you may include the list below if you have a Scabies Rash :

* Antihistamines (oral and topical)
* Topical anesthetics
* Cortisone (topical and, rarely, oral)
* Bath treatments
* Bacterial infection control

Antihistamines Are A Lifesaver for Scabies Rash

For seemingly uncontrollable, generalized itching, oral anthistamines provide relief. The goal in antihistamine use is to put an end to the discomfort yet not produce drowsiness. Unfortunately, we find that non-sedating antihistamines (those often used for hay fever) do not adequately stop itching.

An OTC option that can work for you is Zyrtec. Here’s a secret: by using Children’s ZYRTEC Allergy Liquid Grape Flavor (made for children) instead of the adult 25 or 50 mg tablet form, you can dispense a smaller dose.

Zonalon is a prescription topical antihistamine cream. It’s great for treating limited areas of itching for short periods of time. Head-to-toe use, however, may cause drowsiness. If your dermatologist prescribes it, understand its place in the overall treatment regimen.

Numb With Relief if you have a
Scabies Rash

There’s a lot to be said for the simplicity of numbing an area that itches like mad. Topical anesthetics don’t last long and they don’t solve the cause of the itching, but they certainly offer a constructive alternative to scratching.

Cortisone Control for a Scabies Rash

Inflammation drives itching. Cortisone reduces inflammation within the skin. So it makes sense to include steroids in the treatment.

Bath Time
with Scabies Rash

Sometimes a good soak in the tub will help reduce stress and take your mind off the discomfort from your Scabies Rash. Adding baking soda or Ole Henriksen Detox Tea Tree Oil Soak to the water can do morethey help soothe skin and lessen the itch. Try adding a packet of Aveeno or 1/3rd of a small box of baking soda to your bathwaterand relax.

Infection Protection for Scabies Rash

Open wounds simply beg for bacterial invasion. Not only is this undesirable, infection also worsens itching. It’s vital, therefore, to keep open wounds (scratch marks included) clean. You can try Allstop’s Healing and Protection Spray or Allstop’s healing gel to control any infection.

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Informational Facts about Scabies

  • The treatment of scabies requires both eliminating the mite from the skin and treating the symptom of itch.
  • In most cases of scabies affecting otherwise healthy adults, there are no more than 10-15 live mites even if there are hundreds of bumps and  pimples .
  • No. This type of scabies mite can only live and reproduce on humans.
  • A person can get Scabies as often as they are exposed. • Itching that continues after treatment may NOT be a treatment failure and is normal.
  • And for long-term Scabies remedies, sprinkle    DE over your mattress and place a  Mattress Cover  over your mattress to trap any   Scabies that may have infested it and prevent any future infestations.

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