Kill Scabies Naturally – Home Cure For Scabies

If you are wondering, if there is a way to avoid using dangerous chemicals and pesticides to get rid yourself of scabies, the answer is yes. Home treatments designed to cure scabies are meant to be less harmful to your nervous system and your skin, which results in naturally killing them instead of potentially making things worse.

In most cases doctors just prescribe you treatments which include pesticides and chemicals, these are considered to be harmful for children, pregnant women and people with comprimised immune systems. People have reported life threatening conditions because of these chemicals, some include diseases such as leukemias and diseases which effect your central nervous system. This is why so many people in todays society are turning towards natural scabies treatments to prevent further illness and disease.

Scabies is a very common problem which is caused by burrowing mites called Sarcoptes Scabiei, they are very easy to be passed on by direct contact with a person infected with scabies. Once the scabies mite is on the skin, the female mite starts burrowing and laying it’s eggs, after 21 days, the eggs then hatch and surface on the skin. The mites then will either make new burrows and the process will begin again, or they will pass themselves off on people around you.

Scabies mites can burrow into any part of your body, though the signs of scabies are most noticeable around the creases and skin folds of places like wrists, elbows, knees, between the toes and fingers, around the breast, armpits and near the waist.

When you know how to get rid of scabies naturally without any sideffects, it becomes very useful as you are not only protecting your nervous system but you are not poisening your body with harmful pesticides and chemicals. The first said home scabies cure was Tea Tree oil which was said to kill full scabies infections, but after further study proved it only helped with secondary infections related to scabies or post scabies.

Over the past few years, Tea Tree oil has been discluded as a so called “wonder oil” and has been regarded as just a good oil for secondary infections. This is because it has antibacterial and antiseptic healing properties. What you should know though is that the Tea Tree oil is definetely something you should buy when dealing with scabies as it can put your skin at ease and kill/prevent any secondary skin infections that are associated with scabies or post scabies. A great scabies preventative measure would be to put 10 drops of Tea Tree oil in a bath and soak in it daily for 30 minutes or so. this will prevent scabies from returning on you and help with infections. You can also apply the Tea Tree oil directly to your skin on any lessions or markings you think are from scabies or post scabies, it will aid in thier healing process.

Remember that scabies are not only on your body, it is very important to make sure you thoroughly clean and disinfect your living areas, scabies tend to live in your bedding, carpts, hairbrushes and even on general household items such as computers and toys. You should be regularly washing your towels, clothing using the hottest possible settings your washer and dryer have. Any regular household items should be placed inside of air tight bags or secluded from the household for up to 72 hours to let the scabies mites die off.

You should also be watching your diet carefully as this can really help you get over scabies faster than a person who has a bad diet, changing your diet itself will not completely kill scabies. There are certain foods that you can put into your diet that will help the scabies healing process, such foods as garlic and onions are well known for their anti-parasitic and anti-bacterial properties. You can also take these via supplements, you should also consider getting Vitamins such as Vitamin A, primrose oil, zinc and Vitamin E.

Scabies is very unpleasing condition, the itching and sleepless nights, the thought of having something living on your skin, all these can leave you with a feeling of disgust. Fortunately enough for you their are scabies home cures that are 100% effective and can kill your scabies within 24 hours.

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