If i apply the treatment for scabies and leave my home for 2 weeks, will all the scabies be gone?

I ask because i do not have the time or resources to thoroughly clean my house like your supposed to, to keep from getting re-infected. .
So i plan to treat myself then go live with my grandmother for a few weeks.
Will that be an effective way to rid myself of these horrible things?

I’m sorry to say, but NO.
I have had scabies & was treated 4 times. Doctors who tell U they R easy to cure have NEVER had scabies & are going by false information passed down to them, & think many other things, like alternative medicine & certain foods/herbs/supplements cant cure U, this is the cause of all disease, (lack of specific nutrients), beside genetics & even this could be used to cure anyone even if they are pron genetically, its call preventive medicine.

Back to what I was saying, scabies R easily transfered to others by direct and indirect contact via furniture, (library, casinos, chairs etc, hotels, beds/rooms, carpet, floors), cars (buses), public restrooms (always put toilet liners on toilet seats, never seat on a toilet seat because there can be a transfer of crabs & other things).
Books, paper clothing, are just a few examples of this. If U or someone else believes contrary they are IN DENIAL, & this usually happens when someone (or others) have this condition.
In fact it is a condition & not a disease. But it is unlikely to catch scabies if U come in contact with just a few of these critters, they will die outside their host (family), but from my experience if U or someone is infested with them they will not die for a very long time esp in your home, office, car. And then again most people who R infected R in denial & try to convince themselves they don’t have a serious case of them. Don’t get too paranoid yet, confront the problem that U (or another) has this problem, this serious, because that is what is transferring this condition to others in this first place, DENIAL. And because people (and doctors) don’t want you to have hysteria about this they will play this down & even lie to the public about them.

Get yourself treated & then treated again 3 weeks later with Permetherin Cream (or any prescription your doctors prescribes w caution), & along w this U can use alternative medicine, by applying Witch Hazel & Tea Tree Oil. Combine 10 ml of Tea Tree Oil to 90 ml of Witch Hazel after you bathe.

ALWAYS USE A WASHING CLOTH when washing yourself from head to toe & in between the toes & everywhere else. Bathe in HOT water that is comfortable (don’t burn yourself!) Then place washcloth’s in the freezer in a plastic bag for a few days, & launder, so that U don’t inadvertently come in contact with them again, or just throw the wash clothes out. (You can buy 18 washcloths from Wal-Mart for around $4) I suggest this in the first stages (a few months).

Always blow dry you hair afterwards this keeps those critters off you face & other places around your neck, (if U have long shoulder length hair), in your eyebrow areas etc, (do not blow dry your face or skin directly, drying around it works good). Keep your hands off your face as much as possible because they will migrate there also. Keep in mind your hands R the most effective way these insects infect or migrate, when U scratch them, they deliberately do this to get onto another host (person) or another parts of your body. These insects R highly evolved! They have be around for thousands if not millions of years & have developed a way to continue on.

Apply Vaseline or a cream with baby powder/ or talcum power on top of that. This tics the little critters off but is not necessarily a cure but an obstruction. Do this until treatment is available & afterwards for as long as U think U have them in conjunction with alternative treatment.

Another alternative treatment remedy is 100 ml Neem Oil after bathing (but it stinks, beware!)

Or use Lavender Oil with Alcohol. 10 ml Lavender to 90 ml rubbing alcohol. It is important to saturate the skin so that it penetrates.

Buy or rent a large (or two) freezer(s) & place EVERYTHING U came in contact with, no matter how brief, all your clothes, towels, shoes (in plastic), & books, paper & other items that can stand up to freezing. This is the best way to get rid of scabies, even washing them. So if U don’t have a lot of time, place them in a plastic bags & later freeze & wash them.

Wash all clothing, towels, items in HOT water with Borax & laundry detergent & whites, in bleach, & dry them on high heat, only if there is no way of freezing them, to spare your clothes.

Vacuum carpets throughly 2-3 times a day.
Steam clean your carpets ( its not necessary but helpfully). Then cover your carpet from wall to wall with thick 4 ml – 7 ml sheet plastic. Use duct tape to secure it to the walls.
Cover your mattress with 2 ml drop clothe plastic & secure it w clear packaging tape & seal it under your mattress & poke small holes in the plastic in the corners to help the air escape. (Or buy a new mattress, being careful to cover it with either 2 ml plastic or a mattress cover. Also cover your pillows w 13 gallon plastic bags & seal w packaging tape. Puncture. Freeze your pillows (& cover them), for a few days initially & then in the morning until U go to bed, include blankets, sheets & pillows with cases. But I only recommend you to use sheets to cover yourself with, this way it wont take up so much space in your freezer for other items..

Mop your floors (plastic) with an enzyme cleaner or BORAX & Hot water everyday esp around the areas U frequent. I suggest http://www.safe2use.com/pests/scabies/scabies.htm.
Wash everything down w it, counter tops, cabinets, floors, tables, chairs, etc. or just plain Borax.

U can cover your furniture with plastic as well.
U can do the same at work etc.
Wash down beding everyday with Borax or enzyme cleaner, and change the pillow case plastic.

When I hear people tell me that scabies can be easily treated, I laugh because I know they have either, one, never had them or two, are still in denial. Good luck to you.

Facts About This Topic

  • Symptoms of scabies do not appear until weeks after exposure.
  • The rash that is brought upon by scabies, is actually the body’s reaction to the proteins, eggs, and excretions of the mites.
  • Sulfur creams are excellent over-the-counter treatment for scabies.
  • Probably the most generally recommended medicines accustomed to treat scabies includes lindane, permethrin, and also malathion.
  • An effective natural treatment for scabies involves the application of tea tree oil to the affected areas.
  • For the scabies mite,the human body is a must, since outside the human body, scabies mites can hardly survive beyond 72 hours.
  • Scabies treatment consists of bathing with soap and water, followed by application of a pediculicide.
  • You can detect a scabies mite by using a magnifying glass or microscope.
  • Some of the common symptoms of scabies are rash, raised bumps, dryness, itchiness, soreness, swelling and redness.