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Scabies & Mite Combo & Family Super Pack Reviews
 Works Great
June 10, 2008
 Reviewer: B. Flores 
I just wanted to tell you that as soon as I received this product it started to work for me.  I had been on meds for over 3 months that Doctors had prescribed and had no luck with any of it.  This product is the absolute best!!!  Thank you!

 Wonderful Customer Support
January 17, 2008 
 Reviewer: L. Ellis
It's not just the products that are good the customer service is out standing, they really care about what you are going thru and will truely try to help in any way they can. You couldn't get a better product or better service any were in the world. I comment you outstanding job, thank-you for what you have done for me and my animals
 Miraculous Products that works
February 20, 2009 
 Reviewer: Teri G.
After first seeing 4 medical doctors with the same benign prescription, and ordering other treatments from Australia, I came to AllStop as a skeptic. Nothing had worked in 6 months to cure my scabies infection. I first ordered your combination of Mitactin spray and Mitactin Salve and within 1 week I could tell that this medication was different than the others.  I was seeing results. I'm now also using the Body Wash, which primes the skin for Mitactin treatment and the Healing and Protection Spray which works to seal off small wounds and prevent infection

ASPK033 - (Combo Pack)

  • 8oz / 236ml Mitactin™ Skin Spray
  • 4oz / 118ml Mitactin™ Deep Cleaning Salve

ASPK069 - (Family Super Pack)

  • 3 - 8oz / 236ml Mitactin™ Skin Spray
  • 3 - 4oz / 118ml Mitactin™ Deep Cleaning Salve
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All Stop Mite and Scabies Family Super Pack

More Details

Product Ingredients

Only $69.95
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Scabies Complete Solution Reviews

3 - 8oz / 236ml Mitactin™ Skin Spray
3 - 4oz / 118ml Mitactin™ Deep Cleaning Salve
1 - Gallon Medicated Body Wash
1 - Gallon PuraCleenRx™ Disinfectant Spray
1 - Disposable Mattress Cover

September 26, 2008
 Reviewer: Melissa 
Thank you so much! I have had these horrible skin problems for 2 and 1/2 years with several doctors telling me it is not scabies and me insisting that it is. I was skeptical to purchase your products, but at the same time was desperate for a solution. I saw results within one day of using your products, which to me is a miracle! Thank you!

*Queen unless otherwise specified. For Pillow-top mattresses, order Mattress Cover one size larger.


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Medicated Body Wash Reviews
 Realy Gentle
July 26, 2008
 Reviewer: Barbara C.
This stuff is just like any other soap you can buy but it's effectivness and actual results are unmatched. It doesn't take anything special to use, just use like any other stuff, and it feels just as soft and smells just as nice, but it does so much more for your skin and makes it better in every way.

AS00029or - 16oz
AS00030or - 1 Gallon

Only $24.95
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16 oz / 355ml

Only $119.95
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1 Gallon / 3.78 L

Medicated Shea Butter Soap Review

1 BAR - 4 oz. / 113.4 gm

February  25, 2009 
 Reviewer: Drew Q., Omro, WI
definitely relievs itching and makes me feel alot better without the irritation

All Stop Medicated Shea Butter Soap 6 Pack
More Details

Product Ingredients

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Ultra Moisturizing Cream Review

4 oz. / 113.4 gm Ultra Moisturizing Cream

February  25, 2009 
 Ultra Moisturizing Cream Reviewer: Owen, AZ
It really does make my skin look better. You cant tell that my skin used to look so bad and affected. It just keeps getting better and better with time and use.


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4oz / 118ml

Medicated Skin Cream Reviews
December 31, 2008
 Reviewer: Dan M. 
Feels good on my skin. Not messy. Very little needed. Lasted a long tine.

August 8, 2008 
 Reviewer: John S.
I was not aware of how easily spread this could be just by touching and other parts of the body. God forbid I had given it to anyone else. I had let it spread on my own body and am so thankful for this stuff which heeled so fast and stopped me from spreading it evan worse

AS00072 - 2oz
AS00073 - 8oz

Only $24.95Buy Now
2oz / 59ml

Only $49.95
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8oz / 236ml

PuraCleenRx™ Disinfect Spray Reviews
 People will think
January 25, 2009
 Reviewer: Adena L. Mohan
People will think you slaved all day! Your house will smell fresh and clean. Disinfecting Spray is a wonderful addition to your cleaning tools. By disinfecting surfaces you are getting rids of germs that may make your family sick. Point, spray, wipe--how hard is that? Easy to do but really good for your family.

 Spray Clean
January 7, 2009
 Reviewer: Louie O. P.
Nothing beats that clean feeling & smell. Disinfectant Spray will clean and disinfect any surface. It is easy to use, just spray it on and wipe it off.

PC00097 - 32oz
PC00096 - 1 Gallon

Only $19.97
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32oz / 946 ml

Only $59.97
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PuraCleenRx™ Xtreme Cleen Reviews
 Xtreme Cleaner
February 20, 2009
 Reviewer: Teri
I love what Xtreme Clean does to my wash besides removing scabies from the fabric it also is an exterminating spray for furniture and rugs.

 Any Use
September 1, 2008
 Reviewer: Claire
I use during and after every occurance and it is very important to me to keep my enviroment sterile to speed up healing instead of possibly prohibiting it. I use this with the difinectant sprays religiously

PC00100 - 1 Gallon
PCPK101 - 4 - 1 Gallon Jugs

Only $69.95
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1 gallon

Only $239.95
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4 Pack - 1 gallon

Professional Steam Cleaner Review

Includes 8 BONUS Accessories

 Really Clean
July  26, 2008 
Reviewer: Lucien L. E.
It really does make my skin look better. You cant tell that my skin used to look so bad and affected. It just keeps getting better and better with time and use.


Only $49.95
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