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Is the unbelievable itching from your Scabies Rash driving you nuts?

Fed up with the constant scratching, irritation, long sleeve shirts, and isolation from scabies rash?

Are you afraid you will pass your scabies rash to your family and need scabies treatment that works now?

Fortunately, you have stumbled upon the guaranteed answer to treat scabies rash.

Read on...

The human parasite treatment team at All Stop has developed the best treatment for your scabies trauma. All Stop provides a very safe, non-toxic and pesticide-free answer to your scabies rash -- GUARANTEED.

Proven & Tested Scabies Treatment
No Harmful Pesticides

The discomfort and irritation of living with a scabies rash is an affliction you don’t have to live with anymore. All Stop has a scabies lotion with unique proprietary formula to treat your scabies rash and end the agony once and for all.

Being a Healthcare Professional and a mother of three, I understand the danger of putting pesticides on my family and most of all how contagious Scabies rash can be.  I'm proud to recommend an organization that actually offers a Safe & Simple scabies treatment.  I have first-hand experience to know that All Stop scabies treatment actually works the first time, it will kill scabies and I recommend it regularly to schools and parents.

-Linda, LPN

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How do you get rid of scabies?

We've been told the painful scabies tales from great numbers of individuals. The irritation just doesn't let up or stop. You find yourself itching and scratching from the scabie mites and the feeling only becomes more intense. You can’t get to sleep; you can’t even think straight. You can even feel the scabies mites burrowing under your skin, feeding and breeding.

All Stop has devised a scabies treatment that can kill scabies rash safely, without the known risks associated with permethrin treatment for scabies or elimite creams.

The non-stop Scabies itching can leave you scratching your scabies rash sores until they bleed. Left untreated, those scabies sores could easily progress into a serious secondary bacterial infection. It is important to identify and address scabies rash as soon as humanly possible.

Hand with scabies
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Did the scabies remedy your doctor prescribed seem have little or no effect? It is well known that pesticide scabies treatment such as permethrin creams may worked for about a day, but then the Scabies itching came back with a vengeance! This is because scabies mites have a known immunity to permethrins.

Scabies is a serious condition that must be treated effectively or it will continue to worsen and spread to others. What you need is a real scabies treatment, not a short-term scabies remedy. All Stop has the scabies treatment you are looking for.

Scared to try some scabies medications because of the harmful pesticides they use? You should be. Many Scabies Cream & Sprays contain permethrin pesticides that could physically and mentally harm you. Don’t gamble with your family’s lives just to get rid of Scabies rash.

Take a deep breath…. Our Healthcare Advisers have helped many people with exactly the same Scabies symptoms, and we can help you, too. We can ship your scabies package out to your door TODAY and you can be itch and mite free as early as Tomorrow!

Our One-Two Punch Scabies Treatment System Contains
Mitactin™- Specialized formulated sufactantants that stop Scabies mites in their tracks


Scabies Treatment by All Stop

Provided incredible results in 99.0% of the cases tested!

Our Mitactin is a Pharmaceutical Grade and Non-toxic scabies treatment that will kill scabies mites and their eggs naturally BUT without a prescription. All Stop's “One-Two PunchScabies Treatment is proven to successfully treat scabies where other prescription scabies creams such as permethrin creams and alternative natural scabies remedies have failed. It’s simple to use: once in the morning and once in the evening.

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Scabies rash is Highly Contagious!

When a person in your household gets a scabies rash , it's critical that everyone gets a scabies treatment at the same time. A scabies rash is not just a little contagious, it's HIGHLY contagious! The longer you wait to treat your scabies rash, the quicker those little nasty scabies mites are reproducing under your skin and multiplying. Within just a couple of weeks, you can have many scabies mite families reproducing and spreading all over such as your car, office workplace. You get the picture.

Many people think just applying a scabies lotion to your scabies rash will stop the mites and that's it. The truth is... if you don't treat your environment for scabies mites and your bed at the same time, chances of getting reinfested with scabies mites increases.

All Stop offers a scabies treatment that consist of our scabies sprays and scabies lotions, to get rid of your Scabies infestation in your skin, but we ALSO offer you a scabies treatment for your environment and clothing to prevent you from being re-infested. That is why our powerful Scabies lotion Solution is better than others. The All Stop Scabies Treatment solution will eliminate the mites AND eggs in your skin AND in your home, car seats, office chair, bed, carpets, clothing, etc.

We've Got You Covered!
We Offer an Proven scabies treatment and Offer Support To Resolve Your Scabies Emergency

We can help and you can rest assured that we have trained and committed Healthcare Advisers ready to take charge and help you with your Scabies nightmare. They are trained by our Staff Nurses to ensure that you're in good hands.

Don't waste any more of your valuable time or money. Our Non Toxic Natural Scabies Treatment is guaranteed to work or you get your money back. Doctors, Nurses, Nursing Homes, and Professional Businesses recommend and use our Scabies lotion & Sprays regularly.


  • You want to be comfortable again, itch & mite FREE!
  • Mitactin offers that relief and it’s GUARANTEED!
  • You have nothing to lose but your Scabies rash since you can try it RISK-FREE!
  • Order now to stop your Scabies misery for good!
  • We back our Mitactin with our 100% Money Back Guarantee!

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Is it Scabies rash or something else?

Scabies On hand

Many people who have a Scabies Rash have a difficult time determining whether or not they have it or something else, since the physical Scabies Rash can be similar in appearance to other forms of dermatitis like Eczema, Ringworm, and Hives. If you are worried that you may have Scabies, you've come to the right place. Scabies is a highly contagious skin disease that must be treated FAST. We can solve your Scabies problem quickly and effectively, to prevent spreading and re-infestation. The most common Scabies symptoms are:

  • intense Scabies itching (especially at night)
  • pimple-like Scabies Rash (particularly in the warm folds of your skin) that resemble Hives or insect bites

You can be sure it's Scabies if more than one person in the family is experiencing the symptoms since Scabies is easily transmitted between people who live in close quarters, unlike those other skin conditions mentioned above which are not at all contagious. It is also important to know not everyone’s Scabies Rash will not look the same since the Scabies mite’s toxins will differ in manifestation from person to person.

In contrast, some people think that they have Scabies Symptoms when they really have a Skin Parasite like Collembola, Morgellan's Disease, Lisa's Disease, Lyme tick or Fiber Disease. For more information about Skin Parasites, please click here.

There is ABSOLUTELY no reason to be ashamed or feel dirty because Scabies infestation does not discriminate based on your personal hygiene practices, age, gender, or socioeconomic status.

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"We really can go back
to having a life now"

I just wanted to say that our baby, who is 11 months old had gotten scabies from his grandmother who has been in the hospital. My father-in-in law has them also-he's the caregiver. It was terrible! Finally, being driven to the internet to find some answers I saw the advertisement for All Stop. We had our doubts, but it really did work. We really can go back to having a life now of being able to be caregivers for other people's kids and go to other people's houses. Thank you Thank you Thank you for your product. It has been a tremendous gift to us.

- Becky, Santa Rosa, CA

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I have been using this product for about a couple of months now, and it has worked wonders for my Scabies!

- Rachael, Tuscon, AZ

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More Success Stories From Many Other Satisfied Customers!

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About Scabies!

Microscope image of a Scabies MiteScabies is a highly contagious, itchy skin condition caused by very small mites called the Human Itch mite or Scabies mite. Adult scabies mite can range in size from 0.2mm to 0.4mm. A millimeter is approx. the width of a CD disk.

Given a scabies mite's nearly transparent body, makes it almost impossible to see without the aid of a microscope. Because a scabies mite burrows into your skin it's more likely that you will see just the mite's trail in your skin and not the actual mite itself.

Scabies mites have been recorded at least 2,500 years ago and has infested humans ever since. Any race or age, regardless of personal hygiene, can be affected. There are more than 300 million cases of scabies that have occurred worldwide every year,1 million of which happen right here in the United States.

Scabies Symptoms

A very small, hard to see, zigzag blister usually marks the trail of the scabies insect as she lays her eggs. If the infection is left untreated, the amount of these trails may become so many that they begin to resemble a road map.

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Other Scabies Symptoms include:

  • Pimple-like irritations on the skin
  • Burrows or rashes of the skin that look like tiny curving or "zigzag" tracks
  • Intense Scabies itching, usually noticeable at night or after bathing
  • "Pin-prick" biting
  • Sores on the body caused by scratching
  • Tiny black dots (the mites) at the end of tracks
  • Scaly or crusty skin may develop

Scabies Symptoms Rarely Occur Above The Neck

Scabies usually begins in the body's warm humid folds and crevices and where garments or jewelry press against the skin,
such as:Scabies Areas

  • Armpits
  • Chest / Under Breasts
  • Fingers
  • Skin under Jewelry and Watches
  • Belt Line
  • Inner Thigh
  • Genital Area
  • Buttocks

Post Nodular Scabies

Arm with scabies infectionOften severe cases of scabies or individuals with sensitive skin can develop a condition called post nodular scabies after the scabies mites are gone. This happens because debris, body parts, infectious or fecal matter from the mites becomes trapped under your skin. The body’s natural process is to encase and expel foreign matter. These encasements harden and can cause severe Scabies itching that can last for several months. Thorough skin cleansing and exfoliation during your treatment is a critical part of a fast and complete cure of scabies.

Our All Stop Medicated Body Wash is perfect for treating, soothing, moisturizing and eliminating the Scabies itch after just one application. It's pharmaceutical strength and begins working immediately.

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How It Works!

Mitactin uses a unique proprietary blend of anionic and non-ionic surfactants and essential oils which have been successfully used for decades to get rid of scabies symptoms.

Mitactin simultaneously eradicates the scabies infestation through a process of asphyxiation, while easing the scabies itching and irritation on the skin.

Mitactin is 100% Safe, Nontoxic, and Effective. You never have to worry about putting too much on your skin, because it is not toxic such as traditional toxic prescription permethrin cream or elimite. These have proven to be fatal to small children or the elderly with lower immune systems.

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The Ultimate “One–Two Punch” Scabies Treatment

Mitactin Skin Spray

All Stop Mitactin Skin Spray
Our Mitactin Spray is gentle enough to be used all over the body without rinsing and can be used on the scalp. The light Mitactin Spray is great for areas with less Mite activity or more frequent treatments as a follow-up to the Salve.

Apply early in the day
to the affected areas.

Feel Immediate Relief now!


Mitactin Deep Cleaning Salve
All Stop Mitactin Deep Cleaning Salve
Our Mitactin Salve is a more concentrated formula only to be used on affected areas. Our Mitactin Salve has the extra power that would attack these pesky parasites full strength. This can also be used on the scalp for severe cases.

Apply just before bedtime
to the affected areas.

It Works While You Sleep!


Mitactin contains NO TOXIC INGREDIENTS that may be harmful to you, but toxic ingredients are contained in permethrin based creams or elimite cream.

Facts about Permethrin

Warning: Inhaling high levels of Pyrethrum or Permethrin may bring about asthmatic breathing, sneezing, nasal stuffiness, headache, nausea, tremors, convulsions, facial flushing and swelling, and burning and scabies itch sensations. Many severe poisonings have been reported in infants, who are not able to efficiently break down pyrethrum or permethrin. These permethrin creams should be used with caution.

Not only are Scabies Creams & Sprays that contain Pyrethrum or permethrin creams dangerous, but mites, such as scabies, naturally produce enzymes that quickly breakdown permethrin causing excessive, and sometimes lethal, dosages of pyrethrums to be necessary.

Because the health and well-being of you and your family are our primary concerns, All Stop strictly prohibits the use of such harmful chemicals in our Scabies Cream & Sprays.

Our Scabies Cream & Sprays are
100% Safe & Effective!

Guaranteed Fast Relief

Treating Your Environment is
the Key to Success

Treating for scabies is a two step process and if not done simultaneously, most likely, you will not be successful eradicating the mites. It's important to understand that the chances of being reinfested or passing the mites on to a family member is great because Scabies can live off the host for a period of time only to re-infest you later. Eradicating parasites from your home, your mattress, your favorite chair, your car, your carpet and your clothes puts you in a position for success.

For this reason, we not only focus on providing safe and effective skin care solutions, All Stop provides Scabies Cream & Sprays to treat your environment as well.

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FREE With Every Purchase - Scabies Instant Relief Guide!

Free with every purchase! A $37 value informative Home Remedy Quick Start guideThis one-of-a-kind Guide provides you with solutions to get immediate Scabies relief. We've spent hundreds of dollars on our competitors' eBooks and countless hours of research and testing to compile this exhaustive list of Scabies home remedies and helpful hints you can do in your own home, immediately, while our All Stop™ Scabies Cream & Sprays make their way to your front door.

Some are charging unfortunate sufferers, like yourself, out of their hard-earned money for the exactly the same knowledge found in All Stop's informative Scabies eBook of home remedies for scabies. Well somehow that just doesn't seem right. That's why today, we're giving away a FREE copy with every purchase from our website! That's a $37 value, yours Absolutely FREE, with any purchase from this website! We feel customers deserve every chance they can get to eliminate suffering from Scabies once and for all!

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ACT NOW and Receive our Free Report on Scabies. With your Scabies purchase TODAY ONLY you will receive our Free Scabies Report packed with information regarding the latest technologies, advancements and medications for Scabies. This report contains everything you'll need to know to get rid of Scabies from you, your family and your home.

The Proof!

Our Scabies Cream & Sprays Have a
Proven 99% Success Rate!
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"One of the Greatest Gifts I
could ever Receive"

He says that having Scabies was Extremely Traumatic for him. He had never experienced anything like it! He Claims that All Stop gave him the “Greatest Gift” he could ever Receive!

- Ray from Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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"We are able to sleep peacefully again and
are able to resume our normal lifestyle"

"My daughter contracted scabies/mites from an unknown source and then spread it to my son and myself. We took her to the Dr. who misdiagnosed her as having a bad case of eczema and some irritation from insect bites. The Dr. said to give her some Benadryl and put vaseline over the bites. This did not work and my daughter was progressively getting worse. My boyfriend also contracted this and went to his Dr. who prescribed him Lindane ointment. I read about the Lindane and was nervous to use it as it is very toxic. Now realizing that what we all had was actually mites and not just a reaction to some insect bites I sought out information on the internet. Your site came up and it was the best one I could find. It was great! It was so informative and explained in great detail everything that was going on as well as how to curb it...This was a horrible ordeal that we thought we would never get rid of. However, because of your site and your Scabies Cream & Sprays we are able to sleep peacefully again and are able to resume our normal lifestyle. I would most definitely recommend this site and/or your Scabies Cream & Sprays. Thank you!"

- Jessica A.

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"I thought only dirty
people caught scabies."

"I thought only dirty people caught scabies/mites. I have been miserable and embarrassed for over 3 months; I didn't even want to have it looked at, unless I changed my name and went to a new doctor, that’s how embarrassed I was. I saw your ad while I was desperately searching and I ordered your Scabies Cream & Sprays overnight and began to use them immediately. The scabies itching went away and I actually look forward to sleeping without waking up all night scratching. You have given me my life back…thank you All Stop!!"

- Sally, South Carolina

"No more Scabies Itch, No more Scabies Rash, No more restless nights! "

"If any one is searching for something that will cure the scabies, search no more! All Stop is the only product you will need to order. I thought I’d never get rid of the little “critters” but after using All Stop, it started working within the first 24 hours. No more Scabies itching, No more Scabies Rash, No more restless nights! Everyone should try this first, you won’t need to waste time and money!"

- Kristy, North Dakota

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Internet vs Pharmacy?

We understand that purchasing over the internet is quite different from purchasing from your local pharmacy. The best part of purchasing over the internet is that you get your discreet package delivered directly to your doorstep and you don't have to even get in your car! No more hiding from your friends an neighbors at the pharmacy while you wait on embarrassing "price checks for the Scabies medicine."

The one thing our internet store offers that the pharmacies do not offer is a 100% Money Back Guarantee and convenience. Ask yourself... can you return a scabies cream to your local pharmacy if it does not work? Well, you don't have to worry about not getting a refund if you are not satisfied. We have a proven 99.0% success rate.

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We are so confident our Scabies Cream & Sprays are the RIGHT choice for you we provide a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

We only ask you make an honest effort to use our Scabies Cream & Sprays as directed. If you do not see a noticeable improvement, contact one of our Customer Service Professionals within 7 days of receipt.  This allows us to give you additional assistance or to make a change in the treatment regimen.  If our product does not perform when used as a complete solution, we will gladly provide you a full refund of the purchase price, no questions asked.

For more information on returns, please read our Company Policy.

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We Guarantee we CAN Help You!
A Highly Trained Healthcare Adviser
is ready to work with you!

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Not only do our Healthcare Advisers under go lengthy Training Programs and receive constant online and in-house training on Scabies treatments, but we also have Trained Nursing Professionals available to provide them with the information necessary to ensure you will receive the very best support possible.

Our Healthcare Advisers are available 5 days a week to review all of the factors pertaining to your specific situation. This enables them to customize a regimen that will ensure the highest degree of success in treating your condition that's just right for you and your lifestyle.

For A Limited Time Only

The Price!

All Stop Scabies treatments have been tested and proven time and time again by tens of thousands of satisfied customers. They report relief from intense Scabies itching, oozing sores and skin irritation with only the first application.

While you might spend well over $300.00 to effectively treat your recurring scabies problem with other products, it's time for you to take advantage of our safe and effective Scabies treatment at prices starting at just $39.95! All Stop Mitactin Skin Spray quickly relieves your scabies symptoms and also improves your quality of life. It is important to us that you get your life back on track with a safe, effective product at a reasonable price. It not only treats sensitive skin, it also treats the most serious scabies infections.

OR.. you can take advantage of our BEST VALUE pack which goes one step further to kill the mites, effectively treat and soothe your skin, PLUS it eliminates the mites from your environment, which prevents the scabies mites from further infesting you and your family. You get all this for the low price of $199.95. That's just a drop in the bucket when you consider that you're taking control of your life, Right?

What is your Quality of Life Worth?

Your choice is clear; All Stop is your #1 Scabies Scabies Treatment available anywhere. And the cost, $39.95, is pennies compared to what you have been dealing with. Ask yourself, "What is your quality of life worth"? Is there any reason why you would not chose All Stop to get your quality of life back?

For only $39.95 you can take total control of this nasty problem. Doctors and nurses trust All Stop, why not get started now? Not only are they using our Scabies Cream & Sprays, they even use them on their children. Yes, these are safe for small kids too!

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So, Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you're really serious about taking control over your life and getting rid of those nasty mites, it's time to act now. So don't wait. We'll be here helping you every step of the way. Take out your credit card and order the only treatment you need now, before it gets worse.

Are you still undecided if this is the right Scabies Treatment for you? That's okay, because you can go ahead and try our services FREE by accessing our Live Support , available 24 hours a day! Speak to one of our qualified Health Advisers today -- NO OBLIGATIONS and it's completely confidential. Remember your quality of life and good health is our primary concern.

When you are dealing with something as contagious and discomforting as Scabies, you have to act FAST. You don't want to spread the mites or get a bacterial infection either. Take advantage of our package deals today to get the most bang for your buck! You couldn't ask for anything more or expect anything less than the BEST Scabies Treatment for your mite crisis!

Order Online NOW!
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ACT NOW and Receive our Free Report on Scabies. With your Scabies purchase TODAY ONLY you will receive our Free Scabies Report packed with information regarding the latest technologies, advancements and medications for Scabies. This report contains everything you'll need to know to get rid of Scabies from you, your family and your home.

Are You Ready To Get
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