How many People out There Know What “Morgellons” is About Without Telling Me the Usual It’s in My Head Thing?

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morgellonsQuestion by Mike L: How many people out there know what “morgellons” is about without telling me the usual it’s in my head thing? morgellons is relatively new and quite unusual as a lot of the symptons are the same as several other diseases such as lyme disease.

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Yes, this is a freaky skin condition.

Check out this site for more info. No, it;s not in your head – it’s real!

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Morgellons is definitely an unusual parasite-like skin illness, which produces annoying sores throughout the body

Individuals struggling with this problem state various symptoms such as crawling, biting and stinging sensations just as if they had insects on and under their skin. Skin lesions (rashes or sores) show up throughout the body. Fibers of distinct colors – blue, red, green, etc. threads – are discovered protruding out of the skin. In addition, they might have sand-like granules and/or black speck-like components on or beneath the skin. Moreover, some patients also report wide spread symptoms like fatigue, mental confusion (brain fog), temporary memory loss, joint discomfort, and changes in eyesight.

Many sufferers of this skin problem or illness find it as comparable to scabies.

The particular trigger of morgellons, at this time, continues to be mysterious. There are many suspects. Several medical professionals believe that this particular disorder is related to Lyme’s Illness. A few doctors suspect an as yet unidentified pathological agent and note that the “prions” that cause Mad Cow Illness had been only lately discovered. Perhaps another illness causing organism is just about to be discovered.

Others believe that morgellons would be the consequence of nano machines unintentionally or purposefully produced into the environment. A nano machine is really a man-made molecular machine comprised of a couple of atoms or chains of atoms, use to perform work at the atomic level in manfacturing process.

Morgellons Syndrome

Is morgellons Syndrome a Real Illness? Since no main trigger of morgellons has yet to be discovered, many physicians feel people who exhibiting symptoms of morgellons in fact believe they are contaminated with parasites. Diagnosed with delusional parasitosis, such sufferers are therefore referred to psychiatrists.

Morgellons is characterized by a lot of doctors and dermatologists as ‘Delusions of Parasitosis” meaning that the individual thinks there are insects or bugs crawling and scratching under their skin. They exhibit neurological symptoms like depression, chronic fatigue and ‘brain fog’ that make the sufferer essentially disabled.

Treatment for morgellons Syndrome – Due to the nebulous nature of this disease – the trigger for the disease has yet to be determined, a normal medication strategy has yet to be produced. Anecdotal evidence suggests that treatment similar to what’s given for Lyme’s Illness has been successful in most incidents. Other people have found comfort in the utilization of colloidal silver (silver suspend in liquid, generally water).

And, of course, many physicians have suggested psychological treatments are in order.

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Morgellons Treatment

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Facts about morgellons and Skin Parasites

  1. There’s a lot of uncertainty surrounding this scratchy epidermis parasites disorder, but we can be sure of 1 thing: morgellons is more than just invisible itchy pores and skin parasites.
  2. Usually found outdoors, keep your cat inside and treat it with a topical flea treatment that can also kill ticks, lice or mites to prevent it from becoming infested with these skin parasites.
  3. Richard Kuhns, author of Soothing the Itch Within and the Diet to Control It. He provides direction for diet, bathing, disinfection techniques to deal with morgellons and other itchy skin parasites.
  4. The soap contains Roobias Tea Leaves for extreme exfoliation which is key when dealing with parasites of any kind. The exfoliation process helps pull the parasites and any debris trapped in the skin due to scabies mites or skin parasites to the surface and then remove them in their entirety.
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