Is Your Pet Safe?: Morgellon’s Disease-A New parasitic disease may be transmitted by pets

Is Your Pet Safe?: Morgellon’s Disease-A New parasitic disease may be transmitted by pets

“I went to several doctors for five years with skin lesions. Nobody beleived me. They called me ‘Delusional’. Dr. Uppal figured it out, treated me and I am better now after so many years. Dr. Uppal saved my life.”
– Andronikki Rios

The book is based on my practice of Infectious diseases and discovery of a new parasitic disease referred to as Morgellon’s Disease. My experience made me realize the dilemmas of the recognition of the disease in the medical community and social

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Important Facts

  • In order to prevent such complications and misfortunes, an early parasite removal should be implemented at once.
  • Virtually nothing is being done to stop the unfolding epidemic of the Morgellons fiber disease.
  • Parasitic diseases are widespread in tropical areas, with Malaria being the primary parasitic illness resulting in over 1 million deaths every year.
  • Physicians and researchers searching for the cause of Morgellons symptoms often look for common exposures shared by people who believe they have the condition.
  • One of the signature symptoms for Morgellons disease is due to the presentation of various colored fibers either on or within the skin tissue.
  • Parasitic diseases are infections which are caused and transmitted by parasites.
  • More commonly known as face mites, Demodex mites are arachnids (relatives of spiders, horseshoe crabs, etc.) which are found on practically all mammals.
  • While there are not still vaccines available for parasitic diseases, over the last decade has been a period of major advances in our understanding of the development of both innate and adaptive immune response and how it is related to parasitic diseases.

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