Morgellons Patients

morgellonsMorgellons Patients

Morgellons patients have surprisingly similar symptoms, with an abrupt onset, often following a toxic exposure. Before the onset of their illness, these Morgellons patients’ mental status appeared to be quite representative of the general population, and some (including physicians) were high-functioning professionals.

The Morgellons patients condition appears more common in nurses, teachers, and in family members in the same household, which suggests a contagious component.

After the onset of the morgellons illness, these patients report surprisingly similar symptoms. They have a combination of bizarre dermatological symptoms, cognitive impairments, mood disturbances, and sometimes paranoia and suicide attempts in later stages of the illness.

Symptoms of morgellons

Morgellons symptoms are not compatible with schizophrenia, bipolar illness, substance abuse, or other recognized causes of delusions. When patients complain of fibers protruding from their skin, examination with a low-power digital microscope can visualize and photograph the presence or absence of these fibers. In addition, many Morgellons patients test positive for Lyme disease.

The mental symptoms seen in morgellons are similar to those of other chronic general medical illnesses with psychiatric manifestations, since the mental symptoms fluctuate in a pattern similar to that of the general medical symptoms; and this suggests that the mental symptoms are probably associated with immune and/or toxic effects upon the brain.

When these patients are treated with modest courses of antibiotics, their dermatological and psychiatric symptoms often show significant improvement. Without a thorough assessment, Morgellons patients are commonly given a diagnosis of delusional parasitosis, resulting in a delay in proper treatment. Whatever morgellons is, it is something very different and unique and should be considered as a condition needing further study and possibly listed in the next edition of the DSM.

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Facts and Information about morgellons

  1. Morgellons will not be mitigated without tackling the issues such as biofilm and colon toxicity.
  2. Morgellons disease is a poorly understood condition which a growing number of physicians believe to be a chronic infectious disease.
  3. Morgellons  symptoms include itching, biting and crawling sensations, “filaments” or fibers which emerge from the skin, skin lesions    which range from minor to disfiguring, joint pain, debilitating fatigue, changes in cognition, memory loss, mood disturbance and serious neurological manifestations.
  4. Morgellons Disease is best explained in detail by our Case Definition.
  5. Morgellons is a mysterious parasitic skin affliction that destroys the quality of life for millions of people worldwide that needs morgellons cure treatment program.

Morgellons Disease

In summary, morgellons disease and delusional parasitosis are two distinct clinical entities. morgellons does not appear to be an imaginary or delusional illness and merits the research effort that we see with any other emerging and serious illness.

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Need More Facts?

  • It is called Morgellons, the fiber disease, a mysterious skin disease that is currently spreading across the globe.
  • Black walnut is one of the most effective herbal remedies for parasite removal, but dosages will vary depending, on individual needs.
  • While most parasite removal treatments are safe, certain individuals may be sensitive to ingredients.
  • Usually, parasitic diseases are caused by a high density of parasites.
  • Parasitic diseases have devastating effects on the affected population, mainly children, stunting physical and mental development.
  • There are parasitic diseases for which there are no medications.
  • But if you think you might have a fiber disease such as Morgellons, then you need to able to distinguish normal fibers from fibers that are part of the disease.
  • Parasitic infection may cause nerve damage that impairs the sensory or cognitive mechanisms of females.
  • Until they take the fiber disease serious and begin to combine efforts in finding a cause and cure, the numbers will continue to grow and the sufferers will continue to seek out answers.

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