New Treatment for Skin Parasites and Morgellons

morgellonsSkin Parasites and Morgellons Treatment

Q-Based Solutions Announces:
Groundbreaking New Treatment for Skin Parasites and Morgellons Syndrome Sufferers
Q-Based Solutions, Inc.
. has just launched a sweeping new treatment program for people suffering from Morgellons Syndrome.

Morgellons is a mysterious parasitic skin affliction that destroys the quality of life for millions of people worldwide. Q-Based has been developing treatment for skin ailments and skin parasites cures for many years and this new solution aims to take a major step in finding a real permanent cure for Morgellons.

The new skin parasites and morgellons treatment program is powered by an ongoing customer feedback system that gathers specific results information from each person participating in the study. Research teams then use this feedback to create new and improved formulations for people afflicted by skin parasites like morgellons.

Latest Treatment for Skin Parasites and Morgellons

The company also launched a new set of skin parasite treatment products developed from the latest successful treatments. They include an skin exfoliater, a parasite cleanse, and a healing wash to complete the regimen. These items are available for a small fee in a special pack on the AllStop skin parasite website.

Q-Based Solutions product development cycles are based on research feedback from real people who are suffering with this affliction. They have been active in battling Morgellons, Human Skin Parasites, and fiber disease for years and have helped thousands of sufferers find relief.

So many people are hurting from the relentless punishment of chronic skin parasites like morgellons, as well as from the cruel denial of this condition by the medical community. Research has stagnated for years with Q-Based being one of the few companies expending research dollars in the fight.

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Informational Facts about Skin Parasites and Morgellons

  • It is one thing to contract itchy skin parasites but it is absolutely gross to discover that they have invaded your home.
  • Once it’s determined what type of skin parasites a dog is suffering from, the veterinarian will prescribe the appropriate treatment.
  • There are at least two other itch skin parasites with which I’m familiar–Strongyloides stercoralis and Collembola (spring tails).
  • It is a very common occurrence, and skin parasites can be contracted by anyone.
  • Morgellons  skin parasite  disease is an illness first documented more than 300 years ago, yet it is still considered a mystery.
  • Morgellons disease has been investigated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and has been described as a condition of unknown cause, but debilitating enough to become an issue of public health concern.
  • Morgellons is a mysterious parasitic skin affliction that destroys the quality of life for millions of people worldwide.

A Research on Skin Parasites and Morgellons Treatment

For example:

* Established western medicine predictably reaches the diagnosis of delusional parasitosis for anyone who is in the throes of a fiber-based infestation.
* Big pharmaceutical companies are also useless in the treatment of Morgellons’s because the potential base of customers for them makes R&D investment prohibitive. (Marketing their highly profitable lines of mood altering drugs is also irresistible so they adopt the DP diagnostic track without question.)
* Eastern medical practice is at least sympathetic to the condition, but is unfocused and the various methods on morgellons treatment used by practitioners are not consistent. For example, some folks get good results from a certain practitioner, but their practice is located in a remote region or only accepts a few new patients per year.
* Self diagnosis and experimentation is the most common form of ongoing research and treatment in the battle against Morgellon’s Syndrome (Morgellons). Unfortunately most of the treatments that come from this are of limited usefulness because the morgellons treatment regimen is so highly specific to one person  (Morgellons)– or at worse they can be dangerous as some of them are produced by sufferers who are near the end of their rope.

So What is the Solution for skin parasites and morgellons? What are the new treatment for Skin Parasites and Morgellons?
The Q-Based Solution: Progressive Research & Development
The most effective way to provide best of class solutions for any problem is to create a solid feedback system for patients. By created a complete feedback system based on real customers Q-Based hopes to improve treatments as often as needed to win the fight against skin parasites and fiber disease and morgellons. It is a nice way to know new treatment for skin parasites and morgellons.

skin parasite - morgellons disease - skin parasites - skin parasites treatment - treatment for skin parasitesThis product is from Q-Based. Skin Parasite Supersized Super Pack is best to cure and prevent skin parasites that can cause morgellons. The Best Value for an individual treating an advanced case of Skin Parasites. Cleanses the skin to combat the Skin Parasites living on you, and gets rid of the Skin Parasites living in your environment to eliminate the chance of getting infested again. Skin Parasite Supersized Super Pack is effective for Skin Parasites. The Skin Parasite Supersized Super Pack is part of our morgellons treatment product line.

Interesting Facts

  • Both ginger and garlic have natural properties that effectively kill parasites in the colon.
  • Foods that can help kill parasites include: cabbage, blackberries, sauerkraut, garlic, pomegranate, pomegranate juice, pineapple, papaya, figs, fig extract and carrot tops.
  • Many of the sores patients attributed to Morgellons appeared to be the result of chronic scratching and picking at the skin without an underlying cause.
  • Morgellons, also referred to as unexplained dermopathy or fiber disease, is a collection of symptoms that primarily involve the skin.
  • Usually, parasitic diseases are caused by a high density of parasites.
  • There is no proven skin parasite treatment for fiber disease although some doctors have reported some success in clearing up the lesions with antibiotics.
  • While there are not still vaccines available for parasitic diseases, over the last decade has been a period of major advances in our understanding of the development of both innate and adaptive immune response and how it is related to parasitic diseases.

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