All Stop Scabies Testimonials

I have been battling a serious mite infestation now since February 15, 2008. The medical profession has not been very helpful in finding any solution(s) to either providing relief or cure to the continuous attacks from the infestation on my property. I was treated for Scabies with Permithrin Cream, 5% to no avail. I had to research my own remedies, which led to much experimentation, in an effort to find a working solution, most of which only provided temporary relief of a few hours, depending on how soon my next exposure was. This action was in parallel with finding a proper insecticide for treating my property after determining the source.

I started using All Stop Scabies Skin Spray and Salve a few months ago and noticed an immediate decrease in mite activity on my person. I followed up buy purchasing Puraclean Disinfectant Spray to reduce the population of mites in the home and vehicles with very good success. I have recently introduced the All Stop Medicated Skin Cream to my arsenal of treatments and am very impressed with its ability to draw mites from infected areas of the skin. Using these products, I have been able to improve the quality of my life well beyond the results achieved by any other product I have tried.

I would like to thank you, as a satisfied customer, for providing a product that works so well at relieving the discomforts of a very tenuous and unrelenting parasite that creates severe health issues in the human body. I will continue to use your products as long as they remain an effective deterrent and cure for my affliction.

Thank you very much,
Lowell F.
Torrance, CA.
Ray from Fort Lauderdale, Florida says that having Scabies was Extremely Traumatic for him. He had never experienced anything like it! He Claims that All Stop™ gave him the “Greatest Gift” he could ever Receive!
Carmella from Waterbury, Connecticut says that our Essential Oils for Collembola are an “Absolutely Wonderful” Product! She has been using the Essential Oils on her face for Collembola. She saw a dramatic difference after just a few applications! She Thanks All Stop™ staff for being so Patient, Caring and Informative.
“I really really like your All Stop™ Body Scrubs. It’s a pleasure to clean my skin with it and it gives me a lot of moisture. My skin doesn’t feel grungy, itchy, or dried out anymore from unpleasant skin conditions. I’m so grateful for this product. The smell of the lemon grass oil is wonderful and it adds moisture to my skin for days! I feel nice, fresh and moisturized again. Thank you All Stop.”

– Stephanie, Pittsburgh PA

“as soon as I received this product it started to work for me.”

I just wanted to tell you that as soon as I received this product it started to work for me. I had been on meds for over 3 months that Doctor’s had prescribed and had no luck with any of it. This product is the absolute best!!! Thank you! – Beth

“relief began immediately upon using the products, indicating how beneficial they are.”

Perhaps a person has to experience the nightmare of a scabies infestation to fully appreciate the blessing of All Stop. The products arrived so quickly it was almost as if they have a representative in the Post Office! A moderate amount of relief began immediately upon using the products, indicating how beneficial they are. Being able to call and speak with a knowledgeable, articulate person dedicated to helping you through your recovery was like manna from heaven. All Stop, I am so grateful to have found you. – Gloria

“I could tell this medication was different thanthe others…I was seeing results.”

After first seeing 4 medical doctors with the same benign prescription, and ordering other treatments from Australia, I came to All Stop as a skeptic. Nothing had worked in 6 months to cure my scabies infection. I first ordered your combination of Mitactin spray and Mitactin Salve and within 1 week I could tell that this medication was different than the others. I was seeing results. I’m now also using the Body Wash, which primes the skin for Mitactin treatment and the Healing/Protection Spray which works to seal off small wounds and prevent infection. I love what Xtreme Clean does to my wash besides remove scabies from the fabric and is also an exterminating spray for furniture and rugs. PuraCleen Disinfectant is a super cleaner that I’ll continue using on my tile floors indefinitely. My own severe parasite infection is 80% gone and I expect that in another month it will be a bad memory! – Terry

“After wasting time with Doctors and with one of your competitors, FINALLY… I was able to get my kids relief! Thank you All Stop™ for you knowledge and most of all your products that worked right away.”

– Susan, Baton Rouge LA

“I thought I’d never get rid of the little ‘critters’ but after using All Stop, it started working within the first 24 hours”

“If any one is searching for something that will cure the scabies, search no more! All Stop™ is the only product you will need to order. I thought I’d never get rid of the little “critters” but after using All Stop, it started working within the first 24 hours. No more itching, No more rash, No more restless nights! Everyone should try this first, you won’t need to waste time and money!”

– Kristy, ND

“The very next day we noticed a huge difference!”

“My son, Mark, was itching and had small blisters all over his arms, especially around his wrist and elbows. After a visit to the doctor we found out he had scabies. The little mites had literally taken over his body! The doctor prescribed a topical treatment and after 3 weeks, there was’t any difference, except that maybe it was even worse. It itched so bad he couldn’t even get a full night sleep. I researched the internet and found your web site so I ordered the All Stop™ right away. The very next day we noticed a huge difference! I just wanted to say thank you….your product worked wonders!”

– Betty V., Kansas City

“mites from sleeping in motels …I got immediate relief from the itch, and the mites are gone”

“We just wanted to say THANK YOU! I thought I was going insane because I was itching so much! My Doctor told me that I had human mites, scabies! I was so embarrassed because I am a very clean person and I have always associated that with people that are not good at personal hygiene. So after I got over the initial shock, I tried to figure out where I could have gotten it. I contracted the mites from sleeping in motels while traveling with my daughter on her basketball playoffs. They weren’t the most expensive motels, but they weren’t the cheapest either. I tried your All Stop™ and got immediate relief from the itch, and the mites are gone! My skin is healed and back looking healthy again! A very satisfied customer….”

– Andrea B, LA

“Permethrin…didn’t work…All Stop™ REALLY DOES WORK!”

“After weeks of itching and having a severe rash, I finally went to the doctor. I was diagnosed with scabies. I was horrified! Me having scabies! I immediately went to the drugstore and got the prescription –Permethrin. Needless to say, it didn’t work so I started looking for something, literally anything that would give me relief! Then I found your web site and figured with all the testimonials, all these people can’t be wrong. I will be the first to say that All Stop™ REALLY DOES WORK! Thanks so very much!”

– Teressa M., Rockford, Illinois

“The Mitactin™ is pleasant smelling and gentle to my skin. I was shocked!”

“I just received my bottle of All Stop™ and just after the first application, I already feel relieved. Believe me it’s enough to write to you about! I have been dealing with mites for almost 6 months and nothing has helped in the past. The Mitactin™ is pleasant smelling and gentle to my skin. I was shocked! Thanks for putting this nightmare to an end! ”

– Duane S., The Bronx

“I am so relieved to have found the solution to my problems”

“You can’t imagine how much stress I have been under! Besides having a demanding job at work and having 4 children (I’m counting my husband as one of them) I found out I have mites. A friend at work confided in me that she had scabies a couple of months ago, she got it from the same movie theatre I used to go to. Could I have gotten it from there? Anyway, I tried some of her All Stop. I ordered my own bottle. I am so relieved to have found the solution to my problems.”

– K.M. AL

“We are now MITE FREE! Thanks so much for everything”

“I just want to tell you that I am so impressed with your company. I called on the weekend desperate for any help I could get, and you were taking calls! I admit when your customer service guy first told me how much work is involved, I wanted to throw in the towel. If I hadn’t followed his directions, I would still be dealing with those awful mites. It was well worth the work involved. We are now MITE FREE! Thanks so much for everything.”

– Agnes S., GA

“The itching completely went away and my skin is looking healthy again”

“Thanks for all the help and support I’ve gotten from your company and your product All Stop. I didn’t think there would be anything to treat the mite infestation we had, it seemed so bad. But I’m glad to report that after the first day we saw a big difference and within a week we can actually say it is almost over. The itching completely went away and my skin is looking healthy again. I don’t normally write testimonials, but this demanded one.”

– Joe C., Philly

“Embarrassed for over 3 months…You have given me my life back…thank you All Stop!”

“I thought only dirty people caught scabies/mites. I have been miserable and embarrassed for over 3 months; I didn’t even want to have it looked at, unless I changed my name and went to a new doctor, that’s how embarrassed I was. I saw your ad while I was desperately searching and I ordered your products overnight and began to use them immediately. The itching went away and I actually look forward to sleeping without waking up all night scratching. You have given me my life back…thank you All Stop!!”

– Sally O, SC

“I thought we’d never get rid of them but with this product now we have hope.”

“I don’t know how we got them, but my whole family had mites/scabies. I’ve followed your directions, washed clothes and bed linens EVERY day, disinfected and applied the All Stop™ as directed. We are almost back to normal. I thought we’d never get rid of them but with this product now we have hope. I’m going to order another bottle just to have in case we get them again. It’s the only thing that has worked.”

– O’Brien, FL

“Your All Stop™ worked right away”

“Thank you so much! Your All Stop™ worked right away. The itching has gone away and my skin is healing quickly. I have had the scabies behind my knees and in between my fingers so bad and now I even have scratch marks from all the itching. Your product worked so quickly I just had to write and tell you thanks. ”

– Allison P., NY

“I got incredible relief…and the first night of restful sleep in months!”

I got incredible relief from your MEDICATED MUD PACKS and the first night of restful sleep in months! This product is one I have to have until I am totally cleared of these springtails internally! Thanks All Stop™

– S. Neil, WI

“I don’t feel anything jumping on me anymore!”

I sprinkled your DE on my carpet and bathroom floor, now I don’t feel anything jumping on me anymore! I also used it on my mattress and I even dust it on my body as a talc powder. It works great!

– D. East, M

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